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Friday, November 30, 2012

Holy contrast Batman.

 This is why I don't record myself in my room at night.

 So I recorded this to try and get this out the way before I started my religious fasting for the next 23 days+Guyana+ the New Year's consecration throughout the month of January. Yup, a loooot is about be going on in the next two months.

 I'm working overtime this week, so the actual in-depth post will probably come within a week or two. I'm just really exhausted from all the work... next week I have only 1 day of rest and even on that day, I'll be working on church stuff for Guyana x__x great

In the description section on the video you'll see links to the anon boards where they talked crap about them, the talks about some of them prostituting + the link to one of the fuuzoku sites, as well as a link to the DJ Fukui epsiode and why some of the anons are speculating the same thing from Asano, calling him "Grandmaster Peter Pan" or whatever lmao

 But that's pretty much it for now. I'm trying to figure out last minute things with my tea party outfit. Tomorrow is going to be a long day...


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