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Thursday, November 1, 2012
I forgot if I mentioned this butttt

Um, eff yes?

So glad I met both my milestones earlier last week~ obviously not much to some but I really appreciate it ; w;
I want to do a giveaway like I promised, but because of post-Sandy, plus my Guyana preparations and other things, I might not have it open until December...

I have a couple of things I wish to give away though~ makeup stuffs I've never touched, Ageha stuff, keychains and stuff that's been sitting around that I know I'll never touch, even if I love them a lot ; w; Also lashes and things like that! It also might be two prizes, rather than one big prize. But we'll see~ it all depends on my job situation and other issues and kinks that'll need to get worked out and clarified before I officially open it.~

In other news I'm super excited for my Lolita Day Tea Party officially only being A MONTH away. I'm only about 4 people away from reaching the minimum number for that room, so I'm not being as panicky as usual. I've been reaching out to try and get a few sponsorships as far as giveaways are concerned, and so far I have Mintymix and Apatico sponsoring a giftie for the party. Still trying to hear back from other acquaintances, but I'm very hopeful overall. I'm also reaching out for a bit of media attention as well~ we'll see how successful I am with that >:3


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