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Saturday, November 10, 2012

NYC Gal-O-Ween meet ~ 10/27/12

So it's been a long while since there's been ANY gal meet in New York City-- I remember when I was still freshmeat I tried to plan a weekend-long meet with others during the summer of 2008 or so-- which had a pretty good turnout of maybe close to 10 people if I remember. A lot of us were still pretty new to the style, but there was a mix of us newbies, and experienced gals like Ashley (before she moved to Japan), Rio, Usagi, and Xiao (you get some serious candy if you remember her).

After that though? Nothing but flakiness, mostly. Either flakiness or drama and since I was doing and going through a bit with my local lolita community at the time, I really didn't have the time or the patience to even try to make meets. The local gals were definitely worse off than lolitas ever have been. So since then, for the most part, most gal meets within the area have been nothing much more than simple little hangouts among friends, which in my opinion is more comfortable than anything.

So when Usagi made a Gal-O-Ween minimeet before the hurricane, I was glad that it was mostly people I knew-- the only exception being Glee, who I knew from the net but never met in person prior to that day. No derps (me being the exception), no idiots, no annoying ass, fail-shoop queens with nappy weaves. buenoooo

I met up with them maybe an hour or two late because I spent the WHOLE night and morning trying to style my wig (that'll come in another post),  My outfit was barely themed, and pretty much put together last minute because I was so tired... I don't really have a costume, didn't feel like wearing lolita, and plus because of the impending weather at the time I guess the temperature DROPPED so I couldn't dress like a sl00t. I'd need to get used to the cold before I could wear shorts without giving a damn.

From Usagipyon's instagram. Because you know. I'm technologically lacking in the phone dept.

We met at Kino's where there was this random kid who tagged along with us until we went to get food... idk... I get really irritated when random people on the streets decide to drop in on meets and follow you as far as they could. On top of it he called himself lolita when he was anything but and... lord I don't know. I just don't LOL

Anyways when I got there, we went on a hunt for food. We cut through the fabric district, stopping in a store or two, to make our way to Go!Go! Curry which turned out to be completely filled... so we went to the Times Square Gyu-kaku instead for some yakuniku.

Someone is clearly hungry

After a while Usagi left and when me, Paulette and Glee left the restaurant we kind of wandered through Times Square, across to 5th avenue, checked out the Rainbow's near 34th street, made our way to K-town (for some cake and some bubble tea which was watery as hell... I love that bakery in general, but the bubble tea only had enough tea powder to give it a bit of color, basically), down to a makeup store in the 20s and then BACK up to 34th xD

Halfway through all of this I think we all got hit by the "Itis", so visiting the re-done Victoria's Secret 34th st flagship store was probably more dream-like and sensual than it really should have been LOL

The 34th street store used to be 2 floors, but now they made it into THREE. THREE FLOORS. The way they redid it really did make it feel like it was bigger and more spacious than the old layout, but we'll see when Christmas comes along...

Every part of this store was eye-catching. The first floor consisted of  VS Beauty and the special lingerie sets.

While downstairs was VSX, PINK, and Swimwear..

Upstairs was the more regular underclothing/lingerie and I think their supermodel essentials line. Holy crap, was upstairs pink.


I think my favorite part of this  Victoria's Secret, which was always a favorite because of the decor and the feel of the store's theme, were the big TV panels and screens, the elegant pink furniture speckled around the store, and most of the prop items that were real books, furniture, athletic gear, etc...

Also, the abundance of mirrors. We were being silly and taking photos in nearly ever mirror  in the store. But for the sake of your sanity, I'll leave most of my shots out.

Even the bathrooms were more sexy looking than usual.

Heading upstairs to the top floor...


I really, REALLY wish they sold these boxing gloves! I'd have these hanging in my room.

These swim shorts were some sort of gold crocheted or something, I can't explain it but my god, it was so cute and I'd love to snatch them when I have the chance.

I don't look at PINK like that, I actually usually dislike the PINK line (I always thought it was bland and just lazywear-- which it is but now I'm more open to that looool), but these sweats are so cute. The sequined logo is so glittery and it stands out a LOT. Need these.

A lot of the mirrors also had random little sayings like this...

I wish I could remember to do something like this. How long ago did I try to tell myself to buy a full-length mirror? Now I need to remind myself to not only get one, but to get some sort of chalk marker or something to scribble random shit to it.

You could tell our energy levels were near to none. After a good hour or two in that store, we decided to book it on home. Me and Glee took the same train home and we were knocked out as soon as we got on.

Some extra shots~

Blank books with VS stickers inside. I'm sure they'll be filled with random comments soon enough...

blank perfume bottles filled with pink water

Last camwhore shot~

(Photo credit to Paulette because I didn't think of photojournaling my day until it was almost over = w=)


Amani said...

The Pink *w* I wish our VS was this gorgeous OTL
You all looked like you had a lot of fun and I love love love your wig.
lol at loliguy XDD

Amani said...

Great Odin's beard: the level of attractiveness at that meet was ridiculous. I just.... you guys win. gnjsgbg,nrs

LOVE that wig, too (that newest post with the pics/half-tut has me extremely interested). o:  And dem Marie ears-- unf. Sucks that your boba tea was not amazing--  that shit is deeelicious (usually). <3

And hoolyy crap: that VS is ~HUGE~.  @_@  And full  of the most amazing things. But really, though-- frakking HUGE.

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