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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mori Hair Results

My long awaited moriwig post~

Like I explained in the video (end of the page), I didn't record a tutorial mainly because this was a first-run, I didn't really know what direction I was going in, plus the dark/black colors of the wig and then on top of it, I STILL haven't found my tripod (seriously, where the hell did I leave it???). So in the future I'll be getting a lighter colored wig, maybe mid-December, or even January, and hopefully by then my tripod will pop up and I can make some videos. I've been feeling for a makeup runthrough, but I can't make one when I can't even find my stand...

Anyways, instead of video I took a couple of photos of the process. Before, during/in between each process, my first "finish" and then my second "finish" since I wasn't satisfied with what I did with the top.

Old pic-- "before"

The first thing I did was cut layers into it. I didn't really pay attention to how short~ I just started snipping a bunch from the top, and then made my way down the wig~ leaving the bottom part uncut for length.
Then I brushed it, sectioned it, and curled it.

Every curl I did needed about 2-3 minutes maybe, and once I slid the hair off my curling iron, I did it gently so it would be tightly curled still, and then I blew on the hot curls until it cools. Rinse and repeat. This was so time consuming.

After curling the entire head, I teased the hair. Now my process might seem a little strange...

I took all the hair from the crown up, tied it in a loose bun. I pretty much sprayed and teased the center area first. Then I made my way down, and then back and to the top.


I felt this was easier because while I was working my way down, the already-done parts were flipped to the other side of the head, to help the spray dry and the teased area to stand up better against it's weight... and then doing the top area last helps it from getting potentially smushed from me holding the wig a certain way, etc. And then WHILE I was teasing the root-area, I was also layering the curled ends with spray, to help them get stiff.

 Tease. tease. tease~

The fluffiness of the center area of the PINK side, once I was done with the bottom half of the wig.

I didn't tease the last couple of wefts from the bottom, since it was styled for length rather than volume. Once I was done with the bottom, I started sort of  fingercombing it to separate some of the girls and make the hair more fluffy.

Some of the sloppy teasing I did to make the top more fuller~

When I was done with most of the curling (save maybe, 2-3 weft layers from the very top), I twisted the very back of the wig up into two twists and pinned it in place to help the beehive-type volume. There's something about the way you twist or braid hair that lets it fluff better...

Super teased, loads of curls, with no direction xD

Now here is my first run... when I got to the crown of the head, suddenly I started thinking like, 'what hairstyle am I trying to achieve?" "How is the top going to look?" If you look at morihair, there's so many things you can do, especially to that very top layer. Me being tired, I just curled it any old way.... it came out like this:

It wasn't too bad. What I -tried- to do was have the two colors layering evernly over the opposite side. This run didn't seem as good and I didn't really know why-- so for the sake of that day, since I had a meet to go to, and I was exhausted after 7 HOURS of hairfixing at that point, I just slapped on some Marie ears.

Now later on, I talked to my girl Shiena about it... She gave me tips on how she layers multi-toned hair and makes it look even.. which is to basically spread each color other across the bump, layer by layer. So with that in mind, I was fortunately able to re-straighten those very-top layers, and tried to curl them into very straightish curls, and layer the hair. Then, I worked on the ponytail curls,  which I use mainly to make the wig look even more lengthy.

Despite it being a bit wonky, since I was only really able to do so many layers since the rest of the hair was already really teased, it came out like this:

I loved this result. I loved it and I honestly can't wait to do it again. sdjahdksdbas So definitely when I get a new wig, it's going down.

Overall, the only thing I didn't like was the bangs... since they were blunt bangs and you could do but so much with them. But I try to manage :3

This is me basically talking for 10 minutes over this hairstyle. Jeez.10 minutes of exhausted babble.

Anyways~ this was a general runthrough~ hope it made some sense. Hopefully in the near future I'll mess with the new wig and actually have video and non-confusing instructions~


Amani said...

Oooh I love how you styled the wig *_* but 7 hours?! I would have given up after 3 xD If I could only do this to my real hair *_*

Xx koakuma jojo

Amani said...

wow @_@ I'm trying this!!

Amani said...

Yeah I know~ I probably wouldn't have gone through with it had it not been one of those "3am, wide awake with nothing to do" moments xDDD

I think most people try to heat-set synth curls with hot water and rollers, but I don't have the right rollers for that and I'm much more familiar with water spritz + curling iron so that's how I did it...

Amani said...

It actually took 2 tries with the curling.... the first time I tried to curl the wig while wearing it, and it was harder to curl one side than the other, and I got mad and gave up xD So I ditched the wig for like a week. Then when I got back into it, I took my foam head and stuck it on one of my umbrellas and held it between my legs while I tried again = w=

Amani said...

AWESOME!!!!! I am afraid of doing something wrong and burn the wig (or the house lol). You look FABULOOOOOOUS

Amani said...

wow this looks great just wow! i just never really liked split wigs on myself but i think i might actually look p banging in a split wig with this styling!

Amani said...

This is amazing! Though I probably would not have patience for this XD

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