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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Diamond/International

If there's one thing I hate the most, it would be a liar.

Lately I've been seeing interviews of Black Diamond and/or their ringleader Tsuyoshi Asano talking about their group, or even more importantly (to me), "Black Diamond International" and/or the gaijin gyaru population in general.

BDI disbanded well over a month ago because Tsuyoshi didn't want nothing to do with us as a group. We werent ever a real part of BDI. No real extension to the Japanese group. Only used as a personal fanclub, centered in a private Facebook group to use our pictures to showcase on TV. Tsuyoshi barely talked to us besides one time when he asked about the BDia store, and then when he wanted us to talk to Hidemi (at 3-4am, Eastern time) so they can record us 'talking' to her.

A part of me is ready to just lay that whole thing on the table, because I really don't like Asano.

I don't appreciate the fact that he tried to make us feel that we were apart of something, when we really weren't. That he didn't see the "gyaru" in any of the experienced members. I'm not even talking about myself, I'm talking about girls like Ramona and Zuka and people, who's aura just screamed gal.

He always had this thing with "well one day you can look gal" but the reality is that gaijins try HARDER than Japanese gals would ever have to do. He puts Japanese gals on a pedestal, but honestly when you look at the Japanese BD members that get on TV and stuff, most of them don't even look good outside of purikura. If they were foreign and they posted on one of the communities, they would be outed for doing it wrong. Their makeup, if anything, is subpar compared to a lot of the gaijin gals in general. Anything as far as style improvement was done among ourselves in the group, without Asano ever being a part. He was only there to record it for TV.

When there was internal drama that needed to be addressed, he pretty much ignored it and just left us with a 'I'm not in your country, I can't do anything about it". But he's the creator and supposedly the leader? He made excuses about 'not knowing enuf engrish' when he has a good understanding of it-- when we used multi-lingual people to communicate with him he never gave direct answers-- he claimed he was 'busy with everything' (even though that apparently didn't stop him from posting all over his facebook, but he could not answer a question or two within a 2-week period? Yeah, okay). And then when he did answer, a lot of his answers contradicted what he let go on.

I do not appreciate the fact that he felt he had some sort of 'power'. Like literally, this dude tried to snark me about his 'power' to give gaijin people Japanese media. I had gotten into an argument with him basically dumbing him down because the gaijin gals NEVER needed some old 30-40 year old man to dickride in order to get media attention. The Dutch gals like Charlotte and Rox never needed a middle man like Tsuyoshi to be on Tokyo Kawaii. Neither did Sara Mari. Neither did the Nijii and Koneko when they made it on Fuji TV and these other sites.

And I do not appreciate the fact that he lies about the numbers of the group. "50 members across 20 countries", really? Make that less than 50 within 5 countries. I do not appreciate the fact that despite me having asked him to take down my image many times off the crooz blog, my face is still up there. I don't want to be associated with that group anymore, period. A lot of the girls don't. We barely talk about it except in private amongst ourselves because we just want to forget the disappointment and the disheartenment we had to go through with his schemes. Some people don't even want to be involved in the gal community anymore, because that last shimmer of hope for them turned out to be a deception.

I can go on and on, and it's  ridiculously easy to make caps of everything he's said, all his bullshit. I'm tired of him publicizing us as if we still exist, as if we still want to be a part of that group, as if we want to be associated with them when it's been almost 1 1/2 months after everything blew up.

No one wants to be a part of Black Diamond. Especially when a good chunk of them turned out to be classless prostitutes (I'm very serious). Plus, overall, Black Diamond is hated by all the real Japanese circles for basically being a lazy attention-whoring group,  and not being hardworking and a good representation like the sa-jin we've always seen and loved.

Take our photos down. For the love of God


Amani said...

I was going to post about Black Diamond on my blog. I think this post just changed the entire tone I was writing in

Amani said...

 The way he's going about this now is really bothering me too much. Not
only that but he basically tried to throw Kayo Goto under the bus by
making her the 'international advisor' for BDI.. but that didn't work
out much because by the time she got back to Japan, we were already done
with BDia and Asano's bullshit. And though he told us that he's
'shutting BDI down' and 'a forum for gaijin is in the works', we already
told Kayo that there's no use in working with him... like she's not
gonna get anything out of him despite him talking about supposed
'connections' he got to the media. All he is is a model agent, at the
end of the day.

It'd be nice if he would just drop it. The fact
that he's using our identities still for numbers of this now-defunct
group and acting like we're still apart of something is extremely
insulting. Especially when he goes about how "I love how gaijin gal
are... but Japanese is superior and so one day we hope to teach gaijin
gal to be gaijin gal". It makes no sense. Like why are you even pushing
this when you don't actually want to do anything with that group

Amani said...

It was a complete waste of time and effort on our part. Like we were very enthusiastic and willing to be representatives and unit members but he ignored us or told us that this was a 'web-based only' thing. Despite us telling him the potential growth of the group and spreading the style around. He was never interested in any of that. He was only interested in what would get him money.

Amani said...

Wow, this is absolutely horrible. 

Amani said...

Yeah. People like Kelsey/Savagegal were really extremely enthusiastic about it too and was dedicated to style improvement and be this western gal representation but once time went on and Tsuyoshi started avoiding us and saying questionable things everyone pretty much lost their morale. I'm glad that personally most of the people were mostly doing their own, and improving their styles and just doing them so it wasn't too hard to get back like that. There will always be that sense of distrust though... it's especially a shame since even in the Western world actual irl gal circle activity were always something so sparse and short-lived.

When we basically told him we were done with the bullshit we actually created our own style improvement group on Facebook, transferred all our progress there and we remain active there and trying to continue off from what we did in the BDI group.

The initial idea for BDia was cool, and I don't really have anything against the members, but now 2-3 months later it's getting old to me. Especially when a lot of their makeup is honestly not all that good, and they all wear the same D.I.A. clothing and they're look like DIA clones... you have like 6 girls wearing the same top, 10 wearing the same leggings, a cluster of them wearing crocs.
At least the western community has to work harder to look good and tend to have more individuality and better makeup skills because we push each other so hard. Tsuyoshi can 'nicely' discredit the western community for not looking like 'Japanese gals' but honestly there's a lot of girls in our community that look so much better than a lot of the chicks in his group.

Amani said...

I'm really determined to make a video or at least an in-depth post with caps on the drama that happened behind BDia and the gossips and truths that are going about in Japanese gal anon boards, because I see a lot of people are shocked and curious about it now. I'm always talking with people over there like Ashley who watches everything being said from the JP GalCir point of view, so I know a bit about the thoughts of some of the sa-jin on the other side of the pond.

Amani said...

I always wanted to know what type of reputation Black Diamond had around other galsa & stuff. Now I know thanks for sharing this because I was going to buy that Black Diamond fan but now I'm not tho. Plus it's embarassing ass fuck to see a 14yr looking like someone in their 20's. Like I'm not going to say that I'm inspire by most girls in Black Diamond. Just because their pretty won't make me get inspired by them just like that.

Amani said...

 Girl LOL Even if I did support them, I would not pay for no damn item
in their list. I already saw that getting a magazine would run you past
30 bucks. So imagine the fan.. The fan after shipping and '6 dollar
handling fee' would run you over 20. My cheap side is immediately like
"I can go somewhere locally get a box of those for the same price..." lmfao

Amani said...

Good lord, I knew it was bad, but not this bad! I really hope that this motivates other gyaru circles (regardless of where they are in the world) to do better! I hope that other gyaru's hear about this, I've been trying to figure out for awhile wtf happened with the BDI group and your post makes the most sense out of everything else that I've read. Everything about is has been hush-hush and under the rug, that's what aggravates me the most about it; don't give budding Gyaru's false hope, that's the worst! It's disappointing, but I know that we can do better, not just as Gyaru's but as ladies and gents. 

Amani said...

Please do! Something we always tend to be left out on is the JP gal's point of view. I think you're doing a wonderful job by posting this and I really hope to see more.

Amani said...

You really should!!

Amani said...

I actually did! I realized I never titled the entry xD But the video is here: http://amaninyc.blogspot.com/2012/11/holy-contrast-batman.html

Amani said...

Disqus is being gross, but I did later make a video on it-- I linked it in the comment above

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