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Sunday, December 18, 2011

November Purchases

I don't know why I waited this long to post this stuff... I was trying to get my Pupe account unblocked but then I realized how much stuff I haven't posted yet. xD meh

So this is part 1 of the stuff I got in November... I think Black Friday needs it's own post xD lolo

A lot of this stuff I bought back in September and stuff... but didn't arrive until November. Lolis, gal stuff from Yumetenbo, etc. Besides me having ended up overdrafting, I think this was maybe the best purchases this year LOL

Firstly, my auction wins ~

I ended up getting this gorgeous OP by Angelic Pretty...
I originally wanted the jsk version in like, either white or pink I think? But then I saw the blue one for really cheap so I bidded on it.

And my God, I am in love. No words can describe how much detail is in this dress.
The only downside is that my ribcage is too big to fit in it comfortably = w= welp, that's the burden of a lolita LOL

Just.. look at the detail * w* dat lace.

dem ruffles.

dat BACK

And then I also managed to snag this cute blouse by AP as well~ What I love about it is the tulleish overlay, with the hearts

And then~ THIS COAT
I won it for 7000ish yen! That was LUCK right there xD and it's nice and warm

The back has ruffles and stuff too, it's sooo cute ; w; sigh

Then... Emma vol 5

I'm not the type to be into anime and collect manga.. but this was one of my favorite series when I was younger. I gushed and cried over the sappy romance behind this Victorian-era story! My friend pressed me into buying the book at Book-Off, saying it was better than the anime. I couldn't help myself.

My DreamV/Yumetenbo order was small but sweet x3

This was like the last coat... I decided to get it since it was pretty cheap (about 30?). I am in love with this coat. Within the past year or so I've been growing deeper and deeper in love with fuchsia, so I've been wearing this constantly. Especially with grey and black and leopard print, my God. i can't.

Also got this turtleneck, since it was perfectly my size and it was like 10 dollars. I wish I had been able to get other colors too!

And then my long-awaited game...

Finished it in 2 days. LOL obsessed with this series

And last but not least, my mags~ Ageha November~ I had also gotten October I think, I know I was missing some issue that I ended getting later o wo

And then this~

I'm so, sosososo glad Kinokuniya had stocked this. Basically the sujimori bible. 55 differnt hairstyles, plus instructionals on how to do a lot of things, like manipulating the curls and different braiding and whatnot, -plus- it comes with a DVD with some tutorials (sadly not all) of the hairstyles. Best. Book purchase. Ever. xD

I've been looking in a lot of the past issues of magazines this season and I'm just getting so much inspiration lately for winter, especially with color palettes! I hope I'll be able to get every look I want to achieve before the season's up * w*


Amani said...

you lucky ho-bag!!!!

Amani said...

You really wouldn't happen to want to sell the Morigami bible, right? Lol.

I'm looking for it desperately, and I can't find it for purchase nor download anywhere lol.

Amani said...

Gah, nope haha @_@ but! if you want me to, I can try to check Kinokuniya the next time I'm in that area, to see if they may still have a copy? If they do I can probably do a little shopping service for you

Amani said...

 Omg, I always forget to check the disqus comment notifications and I almost lost your reply!

Omg, depending on the price it would be GREAT if you could do it, because most online shops have abusive prices. I mean, really abusive. I understand having a comission, I understand that shipping might be expensive and that even the mooks and such, but OMG.

Amani said...

 Yeah, I can definitely check for you. I don't know how much they sell them online but I remember it being around 20 when I bought it. If they do still have it though, I imagine shipping to be kind of bad e_e but I'll check next time I'm in the store~

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