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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
2011 is slowly coming to a close...

I've been very exhausted this past week... I've barely been getting any real rest, today was my first real rest day, and I cried through half of it. Eat, cry and sleep.

That seasonal depression stuff is rough.. but hopefully once the ball drops I'll have myself back together again. I'm grateful for my best friend, who's trying to help me bring myself back to normal.

Anyways, I didn't get much for Christmas, but I'm glad that I got what I did~ all of it is useful stuff to wear for the coming winter months, for work, and etc. As well as my usual gifts to myself. I love my family more and more for the way they are, especially my mom and my big sister and my grandmother.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be posting the rest of my hauls from this month~ as well as my recent hangouts with my loli friends and my boo Jesika from Florida.

'til tomorrow I guess


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