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Friday, December 23, 2011

Kicking off the Holidays with Victoria's Secret Pt 2

Continuing from my last post~

Black Friday wasn't my only Victoria's Secret event...
I also had a chance to go to the Victoria's Secret fashion show pre-show, which was basically an live online show being shot an hour before the TV recording of the fashion show. Had a live audience and everything, and luckily I had gotten myself the chance of going. Brought my boo Rio with me :3 At first I thought the rest of the audience were like, bloggers and whatnot (maybe some were), but finding out from the guy next to me, majority of them were actually VS employees.

It was really fun, I got to see Adriana Lima in person! Who is my absolute favorite VS Angel, Candice Swanepoel was there as well, as well as more minor models, and the people behind the whole fashion show production. It was a really good experience to listen to the stories, to learn about the processes leading up to the fashion show, and seeing some of the fashion show pieces in person. Crazy ridiculous.

My outfit for the day, basically DreamV and D.I.A. and other things~ lol so many DAT ASS comments

without the coat~ one of these days I'm gonna DIY a better belt to go with stuff like this, lol

Rio in red. I love that hoe xD

Candice being interviewed. If I remember correctly, the hostess was also like the Vice Pres of Victoria's Secret, or something like that.

Some of the more minor models with one of the guys behind the model hunting/selection process

Some of the outfits from the fashion show, along with two of the main designers who whipped up a lot of the show pieces-- the black one from the New Orleans-inspired line being my favorite. Both because it was super sexy and because Adriana wore it in the show lolo

And for being there, we got gift cards. $50 cards. I was bugging out! No need to guess, I went on yet another shopping spree later lol!

Even more to come, later~


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