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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December's Haul! Christmas presents and all~

So not too long after the VS event, I went looking for my favorite bra~

The Miraculous Push-up Bra

Sure, I have a huge enough rack, but when I saw this on the website I fell in love. This was the moment where I was seriously in the holiday spirit. because I wanted this bra on my titties xD

I went to the store near my house, just to find they were sold out in my size, wtf? So then I made my way allll the way to 34th street, figuring they HAD to have this still. HAD to. Luckily, I got the last bra in my size in that color. I will forever cherish the living crap out of it.

The glorious boobrack

embellishment detail.

cellphone shot of my boobs in it. They look fabulous~

Definitely something I can't wear underneath stuff (not that I would-- I wouldn't want the little rhinestones to pop off). I didn't get the matching thong because it was too sheer for my tastes... so I just got a regular black cotton panty instead.

dat lace

I decided to throw in some makeup so I could get the Victoria's Secret fashion show T-shirt. So I can share with the world how obsessed I am.

When I first saw this, I was pretty surprised because I never seen it before xD and I'm sort of glad they came out with this too. I don't pay attention to the glitter too much, tbh I don't pay attention to how much comes out and if it's really noticeable but now whenever I'm done doing my hair and the smell of hardening spray is kind of obvious, I just spray myself a bit with this and I'm set. It's pretty good.

I got this lipgloss because it's peach scented/flavored.... but I might not use this again. There's something in this that makes my lips go numb and then have this weird scabbish texture, so I'm leaving this alone unless I have a layer or two of something else underneath.

The fashion show t-shirt. It's actually a pretty cute top, the sleeves have that 'rolled up' look so it's a bit above elbow length, and it's loose and flowy so I like it. Don't know how often I'd actually wear it but I like it xD

Then, once the secrets reward cards were activated, I got this with one of the cards--

I saw it on the website with the Christmas lingerie, and I thought that this thing was the cutest xD it's a V-string with a detachable bow across the back. It -sort- of matched the bra, though this is actually a strawberry pink almost, but the fabric is like satin-y and the color is so close to the red that you wouldnt really notice. I won't show you pics of me wearing this... lol

Then I bought these with my last two rewards cards xD

Bombshell Seduction body mist, to go with my perfume.

And then one of their holiday makeup palettes... I'm planning to get the rest of this collection too, the packaging is really nice and everything :3

The top. Unfortunately I was being a butterfinger and ended up dropping it and cracking it off one of the hinges :/ gonna try to superglue it back at some point..

The shadows. I wanted to go with this since I knew neutral tones look best on me regardless of any other color. I wanted to get something that was similar to my old neutral palette, wherever that thing may be now...

I forgot if I mentioned it, but I bought a dirndl for Christmas~

I always wanted one ever since I was a little girl, because I was such a cultural/historical costume fanatic since before I hit puberty. I bought it to wear for Omi for Christmas, and she was pleasantly surprised. My grandfather started cracking racist jokes about how to never go over to Germany lol. Apparently he had gotten the dumbest questions back in the day when he met omi

This etsy seller Aliceandclara made it for me. It is gorgeous and so wonderfully made. Definitely doing a review in the near future, with pictures from Christmas and whatnot.

As far as Christmas presents, like I said before I didn't get anything special. I got some fleece thermals, along with a pair of tights and the flats below:
They have a suedeish texture and I LOVE them. Usually it's so hard for me to find flats I like. My sister was fapping over these for herself, but they didn't look right on her so she got it for me instead. I really appreciate it because I never found proper flats for work or anything, until now. I love my sis.

Got these earrings from my job for Christmas... they're a bit old, but they were being sold for 50% off so I just got them. Just a little something to wear for the holidays :3

Yes... I finally got myself Dolly Winks. I saw the No. 1s in Flushing for 15 dollars, and decided to just get them while I was there and had the money.

Friends would know that I used to really dislike the fact that they were so overpriced for two pairs, because of Tsubasa's face and all. But they're pretty good quality. I still wouldn't suggest them if you didn't have the means to just get them though. And since they're so expensive I'm less likely to chop them up and experiment like with my 10-pk lashes, but they're alright. I'll make another post about them later on.

And last but now least, new wig~

I finally got the Motown Tress wig that I wanted, and I'm so glad it look soooo good. It looks so natural on me and since my hair is short, it's very easy for me to swoop and make nice gyaru-esque hairstyles with it.

That was pretty much it as far as my holiday shopping! xD


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