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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kicking off the Holidays with Victoria's Secret

Yaffa Cafe. I've been going here more and more often with Chris this season.

Already it's like, the day before Christmas Eve and I'm just now getting to Black Friday xD

Work has been hectic.. I've been working a lot, but I'm glad it all pays off in the end. Unfortunately since I had my lil durp with my bank account at the beginning of the month, it screwed me up as far as payments and shopping :c I feel bad but I have to take care of things that should've been cared for first, and give out presents later..

Anyways before all that mess happened, I couldn't resist going to Victoria's Secret for Black Friday~ ended up getting a couple of things for myself and my friend Chris~

I just randomly dropped in on my lunch break~ didn't mean to go shopping that much at all, until it was brought to my attention that their fragrances like Bombshell, Noir, etc, were only $25 dollars compared to the usual price of like, 45+. Of course I hopped on that and got Noir for Chris, and then their very last Bombshell Seduction for myself. I was just. I don't even. LOL

At this point I was like ok.. 50 bucks.. that's it as far as shopping. I'M DONE
but then I learned that they -still- had their tote bags.. yknow, the free one with a 75 dollar purchase. At that point I was like fuck it, LOL Need 15 moar dorrah of shit fuckkk so I grabbed the little travel-sized Noir body mist, and a lipgloss to just add it up.

The sexiest fragrance ever. I'm totally making this shit last LOL

The Noir fragrance with the body mist beside it. I know it's much a much softer scent compared to Bombshell/Seduction, the best part being the bottle design with the atomizer and stuff.. really cute

The Beauty Rush "Strawberry Fizz" lipgloss... tbh I don't really like fruity/scenty lipglosses, so I've been using this sparingly.

And then.. the tote bag

The shit is huge, esp compared to the black tote I had gotten on Fashion's Night Out...
the best part was that there was stuff -inside- the tote. I did not know this and I didn't realize till the next day that there was crap inside of it!

This primer is so good, the texture is just ridiculously awesome and I'd love to get a bottle of it sometime! I'm so glad they gave me a sampler. omg

Then a sampler of the Victoria's Secret Angel fragrance. Another nice one, I don't think I would buy it though.

A small bottle of the Sheer Love lotion. The bottle isn't that much smaller from the size they sell, so I'm definitely satisfied! I carry it everywhere with me, especially with the weather turning dry and cold.

and finally, a travel-sized Bombshell body mist. Exactly what I needed, because I was about to completely use the one I had before. awesomeee

and of course, my Secret Rewards card~

I ended up getting three of these altogether, each had $10 on it. I'm not too disappointed, especially when I'm usually getting cheap things and cosmetics from VS anyways. In any case this was like, the best purchase ever xD
and of course, that's not all...


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