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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The end of 2011..

I spent the last days of the year with my good friends in between work.

Beginning of the month we went to The Irish Exit for Yanise's birthday. Pretty much all the girls on top of the bar. LOL I was up there in the beginning, but as I got more and more drunk I refused. I knew I'd be the one to fall off that thing.

Laura and Nikki


Taking pics/video in the purikura booth. Sadly the puri shop is closing down :c a new one is supposed to open closer to my home, in Brooklyn... no clue when and where exactly though

Some of the finished results:

Then after, Rose House :3

Chicken sammiches, with a small salad side.

Rose custard?

Rose cake

My 3-tier tea meal that I split with Susan. bologna + green pepper wraps, ham sammiches, more rose custard, scone with rose jam, cream puff, black&white cookie, cheesecake, coffee ice cream and some sort of flourless cake/mousse cake? I forget how it tasted. It was some sort of citrus maybe

Will probably be my last visit to Rose House. Had a lot of good times at that teahouse, but with rising prices and increasingly-less-than-satisfactory customer service and quality, I think I'm pretty much done with them. I'll stay closer in the city from now on


Another day after work and Christmas shopping, I went with my boos Laura and Yanise to see Japanese group Trippple Nippple in a barplace down on the LES.

Yuka. I have the best shots of her in the costuming in the beginning.

I only remember Trippple Nippple on Tokyo Rising, a documentary with Pharrell Williams and his trip to Japan after the earthquake happened. I never really listened to their music until that night. It was pretty chaotic-crazy sounding, but cool in it's own unique way. Especially the way they dress up and perform.

After the concert, Qrea and Laura

And then Yanise and Laura with Yuka.


Then one day after picking up my paycheck the week before Christmas... I decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge by myself.

Rarely am I able to just wander and wonder anymore... I try to take slower steps, and have more thoughts, but with work and everything else, I can't do it as much as I want to anymore. It's pretty depressing.

It was a good night that night though, to see the city lights and see the groups of people cuddling, or viewing the sites and enjoying themselves.

My beautiful city.

Best dessert I've had this year: Nutella eclair from Financier. It seemed to melt in my mouth omg.


Then after Christmas, I met up with my boo Jesika from Florida <3 ended up buying lashes, going for Korean BBQ at Koreana, and then going for purikura.

You can see most of our shots on her blog lol. Disliked most of them, wish I wore my regular bra than my push-up make-my-Ds-look-like-Es bra LOL oh well

I loooooov u Jesika ; w; come back soon bby

Purikura... tea... drinking... concert... wandering... reflecting... I wouldn't have 2011 end any other way.

Actually, getting the Holy Ghost was the best ending to 2011 for me :3 I literally got it the morning of New Year's Eve. The joy I felt as I entered into the new year, with a clean slate and no more negative thoughts... as time goes on this month I'll discuss it more.

I hope everyone has had a good 2012 so far. I hope you remembered to leave the past behind, and all the drama and the stress and the tears, so that you can use this year to completely turn around into the most progressive time of your life so far.

Here's to hoping for an extraordinary year!


Amani said...

The puri shop in Flushing? Awww! I really wanted to go there since I am coming out to visit in May.

Amani said...

The guy who ran the shop was telling me his friend was taking his machines and opening his own business by 8th ave somewhere in Brooklyn, and that it'll prolly open around January or so. so hopefully the new business will pop up on the internet soon so we can see where it's at and check it out.

Amani said...

Otherwise there is a small store in the New World Mall in Flushing that has a more recent machine with Sakurina on it, but God knows what the chances are of taking pics with that :/ 99% of the time the stupid thing's broken. 

Amani said...

Oh, okay! That is good to know or maybe they'll leave an address on the old place. I heard the one in the New World Mall is always broken, how stupid.

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