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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women's Council Weekend 2011 (Saturday) part 2

So one of the highlights for the convention weekend was the dinner that took place on Saturday afternoon. There were panels and workshops early on in the day, but unfortunately you had to pay extra, and then after looking at the program I was glad that I didn't.. because there were barely anything that would really relate to young people.

Sad to say but the dinner wasn't really all that, either. It was definitely a waste of $45 for mediocre food and a bunch of talking I personally didn't pay attention to. LOL

Anyways, pics~

Obligatory photos of self camwhoring


The both of us together lol

Crystal and her mom dressed up :3

lol you can probably guess who is Mema in this crowd of special guests~

lol with Zerry

The booklets that were placed for us. Inside was the menu for the night, the bios of the founder of the convention, the president, honorees and the like, and the awards that were being given.

The not that great table decor... it looked extremely tacky imo.

Dijah camwhoring out of boredom and waiting for food.

What bothered me the most was the fact that they had the slices of cake sitting out along with the salad... I don't know if that's really norm but ??? In my mind, had people actually waited till the dinner was served and done with to eat their cake, most of them would've been beginning to stale by then. Maybe that's just me. I wouldn't spoil appetites by sitting cake out and letting it air out at the very beginning.

Then to top it off most of the waiters were not attentive at all, you had one girl with her sleeves rolled up and TATTOOS showing in the open. It was really ghetto. I ended up giving thema bad review on Yelp. I mean, maybe I was the only one who was absolutely baffled, especially by that one girl.... you're helping catering to a religious organization and you're flashing your tattoos out in the open like it's okay. kay bruh

Of course I didn't hesitate to eat my piece... and then after the main dish was served I was fat and ate whoever didn't want theirs. LOL

After the bad noms experience, I pretty much rushed upstairs to change. I was a huge derp for wearing heels when my knee was still feeling pretty blah, and my knee would've probably snapped in half. But fortunately by the next day my knee was actually feeling all better LOL. Didn't get it at all.

Ended up getting changed to go back to the pool, this time with just my black top to go with the bikini. Since I ate all that cake I was BLOATED as hell, like seriously, if I didn't look that pregnant before, I certainly did then. LOL

Dat ass

Also started to pack my bags while I waited for the others, since it was going to be a VERY long ride the next day...


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