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Sunday, November 27, 2011

EOS Crystal Diamond Greys review

(The lenses in indirect sunlight)

Finally got around to posting my circle lens review on Youtube~

These are by far my favorite lenses besides the Max Candydoll/King browns. They're pretty much the only two lenses I wear now, I seriously haven't touched my green lenses and stuff in so long, since the first week I got them xD

What I like best is that these lenses look big, but they sort of 'settle' in with the rest of my face. Despite the design, I feel like I can wear these suckers without any makeup, compared to like, Candydoll Greens and whatnot.

Anyways, just to do a general rundown here...

Comfort: 10/10, as always, EOS lenses never fail when it comes to comfort. Enough said xD
Enlargement: 10/10-- these are a 14.5 and they -feel- like a 14.5. I really can't go anymore dolly without these.
Color/Design: 9/10 - I had to think about it for a moment, because honestly? I am very VERY satisfied with these lenses. But comparing them to other grey lenses, you barely see the grey all that much besides in flash and direct sunlight. At least on my brown eyes. If I was seeing another girl wear them I'd automatically assume they were Diamond Blacks. But again, I LOVE how they came out on me. Though now I'm thinking of buying the black ones just to see the real difference.. :P

With Flash~

In regular room light~

The video itself for your viewing pleasure~

Until my next post~


Amani said...

I like these. From a distance they give a sort of "sparkle in your eye" effect, and up close they just look really neat. o_o They look good on you!

Amani said...

waa, your eyes is sparkling, i like it :D


Amani said...

ohh you had already posted a review loool 
yeahh they're very nice =] I love them to ^^

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