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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My newest wig from Mintymix~
it just came in the mail yesterday :3
My circle lenses are supposed to come too, maybe later today.

Reviews will be posted once I get the videos together and stuff :3
om nom


Amani said...

your usamimi is so biggggggggggg ! love love love ! :D your wig look great !


Amani said...

GTFO with your gorgeousness and your fancy new wig. (I see you rockin' it in your FB pic over thar~. ;D)


...and now I feel wig-deprived.  Maybe I should hit Charlotte Charm up on buying that extra blonde wig she has...

Amani said...

And guess who got her circle lenses today, too 8D I'm on a roll this week~

I was actually pretty nervous about the colors, since the tan is really close to my skin tone, but it came out perfect ; w; wahhh~ I don't know if I'd ever be able to rock blond though. That's something I need to find out >w>

Amani said...

Awww yeahh. 8)  Lenses, maaan.

The colour(s) came out perfectly indeed. Those colours are crazy complementary with your skin tone. :3 

And I'm sure you could pull off blonde.  Most anyone can, IMO, but they have to find the right shade of blonde to do so. ;]

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