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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lolita Halloween Tea Party

Last month my friend Yanise threw a Halloween tea party at one of my favorite places King's Carriage House. I helped her with party design and pictures and gifts and all that good stuff. My personal outfit theme was a bear xD I just went along with the Little Bear Cafe print jsk and then wore my split wig + the hair wig pieces shaped into bear ear shapes.

Here's a couple of pictures from the party~ the rest is on my Facebook if you have me added.

Yanise's boyfriend had won the grand raffle prize... one of Kammie's split wigs from her brand Mintymix LOL Don't he look gawgeous = w=

Some of my favorite outfit coords from that day~

My sweet Aria x3 In her own design of the Our Lady of Guadalupe print

Laura with a bunny themed outfit :3 and Jerry in the background photobombing

The black and white print was very cute :3

My bby Amy
Victoria from Lolita Charm/Parfait Doll~


Surprisingly enough... it snowed that day. It was ridiculous. Everyone ended up going home because the snow actually STUCK to the ground and like the rest of the city, we weren't prepared... my feet were numb by the time I got home, sigh.

So what did I do? Camwhore for the rest of the day. LOL


Amani said...

LOL @ Jerry in that wig hahah

Amani said...


Back onto this post, though-- your theme is so cute!  Your little 'bear ears' are so clever and well-done. :]  (Esp. with your coord.) And dat wig. Unf. Y u make me wanna buy wigz?

 Also, Yanise and Aria both look FABULOUS.  Man.... if only the rest of us had a fraction of the style that y'all have...

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