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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women's Council Weekend 2011 (Sunday)

Sunday morning was at first a very sour feeling morning for me, because the night before ended up being very... emotionally exhausting. Probably the firmest reason why I'll keep to myself during Christian-related events from now on.

Anyways, I stayed up part of the night doing Crystal's hair, and then packing the remaining crap I had.

I slept in for a good minute, Avian and them ended up going back to the diner and bringing my back some breakfast as I finally got up to wash up and get ready. Then, I headed downstairs to the lobby where the rest of the church folks were chilling and waiting for our bus to arrive.

After checking out of the hotel, me and Avian dropped our stuff with the other sisters and ran off to visit the pier before the bus came.

That part of Norfolk that we stayed in was so relaxing... I was kind of sad that with everything going on, we weren't really able to explore. The pier had these nice chairs and sofas and whatnot, and hula hoops and other stuff to play with... the air smelled sweet from the grass and the seawater, nothing like most parts of New York City. It was also funny to me because I'm here waiting for these slow lights... but Norfolk drivers are SO relaxed when they drive, it seemed they were barely moving. Had it been our area, people would be having road rage and rushing for no reason.

There were these mermaids everywhere, it was a shame that I didn't bother to read the back story on them because I was only interested in food all the time. sigh

I got SO many pictures and vids of Avian LOL. I still need to put everything together but here was a few.

In front of the fountains. She managed to run through them without getting wet. I was not trying to risk it LOL

Not realizing it was the backside at first...

Natural swimmer...

Professional drown victim LOL. I was so off-balance because of my knee

This girl was hugging everything... umm...

It was difficult to take this picture lol. Since she was at the edge, she made it super wobbly and I was too afraid of falling to get near the center xD

Bench chillin~

Dijah on the bus being silly.

As we walked back, we noticed the bus pulling up to the hotel so we rushed to get our things and leave. This time the driver took the 'old road' and it took 9 HOURS for us to get back to the church in Brooklyn. It was pretty ridiculous, and I was TOO glad that one of the ministers were there to drive me and a few of us home. It actually took another 2 hours or so till I got home-- but I was so relaxed now that I was out of that cramped bus, and once everyone else was dropped off I was able to vent my frustrations a bit. It's good to have someone to listen to you... but it's never the same when it's not that someone you rely on for everything...

Overall, I'm sort of happy that I went, but at the same time I wish I didn't. It was nice going to a new place, but next time I'll make sure to have less disruptions...


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