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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Circlelensaddiction Review!

Basically, I suck at blogging lol.

I realized I'm still about a month behind on photo posts and stuff from past events. Blahhhh

But in the meantime? I'll just share with you my review on my most recent circle lens order.

So like I've noted previously, I ordered 5 pairs of circle lens from Circlelensaddiction.

Shara, the girl who runs group orders for EOS lenses, had a promotion where basically if you ordered 5 or more pairs, they'd be $11 each.

Of course, me looking at "$11", I was like fuuuuuuck yes!!! I ordered a pair of Crystal Diamonds in grey, and another pair in green, I bought King/Candydolls in green and a pair in brown, and then I bought a pair of Adult reds. I -did- have a deadline for the lenses, mainly for the Adults since I was going to wear them for the Fran cosplay I ended up not doing for New York Comic Con (next year I promise!), but after a while when I knew that I wasn't gonna be able to pull off the project in time, I stopped being worried for time.

Overall, the time span of this order ended up being almost 4 months long. I ordered back in July, where the order was supposed to close around the 16th or so. That ended up not happening because EOS apparently ended up having a week-or-two long holiday vacation, so it got bumped to July 30th or so.

Because of people not paying on time, the order didn't get sent and paid for until the first week of August, and from then on it was just a bunch of patiently waiting.

As tedious as it sounds, it actually wasn't bad at all, and I didn't bother to mind after a while because of the price I paid for my lenses. 5 pairs of EOS lenses for $55 total compared to the 110+ I would paid in a regular online circle lens store? pffftttttt

Even though it took months for EOS to get back to us and send us the stuff, Shara definitely kept in contact with us, giving us updates whenever possible, answering questions within a decent amount of time, etc. When the lenses finally got shipped and sent to her, she was very quick to send them out, and basically sent them out the very same day. Shipping costs weren't bad at all either. I don't know if Royal Mail has like, 'priority' shipping like we do, but basically it was sent as 'registered mail' or whatever, with tracking and signature attached and stuff, which came out to like $7.50. It came within a week, and the items were packaged pretty well. All the lenses were wrapped up in bubble tape in a small envelope. I also got a case for each pair as well, which weren't bubblewrapped, but that wasn't a problem.

^da review video^

All in all?

Communication: 5/5
Packaging/Handling: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5

Would I order through Shara again? Hell yes.

In fact, right now she's doing a similar promotion, ending on Sundaaay I believe:

1-2 pairs of lenses - $16 each pair
Up to 4 pairs - $12 per pair
5+ - $10 per pair

If you're in no rush, definitely hop on it.

Actual lens reviews to come soon, once I get a bit of time during the day to record.


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Amani said...

Adkjadsxjadls. Damn, that really is a good deal. I might do that.

Amani said...

Thank you so much =]Sorry it took so long :o
I've opened my diamonds grey ;o
i'll try post some pics up now :) so you can see what it might look like on your eyes =] they're rather pretty

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