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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tokyo Kawaii TV in NYC! VIDEO

So our episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV aired on November 5th. It FINALLY reached the internet and we were able to finally watch it.

The first (and main) part of the episode involved some of the New York City gals (I wasn't able to be there because they actually recorded the gals the day after the lolitas... and I already called out of work sick so I couldn't do it two days in a row LOL) Like Lynn, Eden, Usagi~ and then the last part of it shows the lolitas, including me, Yuuki, Yanise, etc.

I'm just gonna drop it here for your viewing pleasure LOL

Tokyo Kawaii TV gave us such a good time, now all there's left to do is to look forward to the Kawaii of the World contest, and see who wins the trip to Japan and walk the runway at Tokyo Girls Collection!


Amani said...

I don't know how many times I've watched this since we got this super nice copy :p

So pumped about this Kawaii of the World contest though~

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