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Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Day 1, pt. 2: Easter,

To move away from the frustration I was feeling from my last post.. lol

So there's two important things I'm trying to get done this week:
1) Making sure all my shit gets here for Easter/Sakura Matsuri = w=
2) trying to do a yukata photo shoot at BBG while the trees are still alive

It's been raining and storming an awful lot this past week, so I've been worried about how Sakura Matsuri would turn out (e.x. the fail that was last year). Considered a pre-matsuri meet with some other girls because they suggested it, but with the Matsuri being next weekend and this week I'm scrambling to get all my crap for Easter Sunday, I'm not trying to worry about another meet lol.

First off, Easter:
I was stressing a looot this past weekend because I had pretty much done most of the requests at least 3 months in advance: told Mai 3 weeks ago to send my dresses for Easter + Sakura Matsuri so it won't get stuck in customs (now that they're checking pretty much every package from Japan for radiation..), talked with Apatico two months ago about the idea of getting a hat done, did the an*tai*na shoe order through Taobaospree. Anything else I was gonna get locally once these things got here. I was hoping to hear something from all of them last week, but I didn't really. But this weekend was when all the news started flowing in~

My little "outfit plan" board, changed it around a couple of times as I started getting updates.

Sooo! My dresses are already shipped, so I'm hoping they won't be caught in U.S. customs too long, hopefully the latest they'll come is Saturday. Apatico sent me pictures of my hat, which looks so fucking boss I can't even contain myself~ I just need to pay and then she'll send it Priority. Lucy hasn't responded to me yet about antaina, but I'm not concerned since I can just use my heart heels instead~ hopefully I'll be able to walk in them LOL I abuse my feet way too much. As far as a bag, I'm not sure, but if anything I got my pink Swimmer bag to match, or if I manage to get my shoes on time, I was going to get a new black bag to match. The tights are Leg Ave, just tried them on:

With my heart heels on (wish I didn't have duck feet..)

Speaking of Apatico's hat, here are the larger pix~

the back, the ribbon is detachable. she included a more reddish pink bow, as well as a blue bow to match the print of the dress ; w;

velvet leaves, and handmade roses @w@

I'll do a full review once I get my hat x3333 so excited to get it in the mail HNNGHHHH

And then plan and pics about #2...

So now #2. BBG photo shoot. I've been dreaming up random ass photo shoots for the past god knows how long now with my friend Sophie, who's a loli and a photography major, so I decided to finally go ahead and try and do an oiran-styled shoot -before- Sakura Matsuri, when the BBG is pretty empty, especially since the trees in the Japanese hill-and-pond garden have already bloomed and already about to be done for the season. So hopefully Wednesday morning we'll be able to do this real quick and do a nice job xD; cuz I have a doctor's appt that afternoon, and she has class that afternoon too so we're gonna be over there by the time it opens xD srs shit son.

I borrowed my boo Rio's yukata, since mine are very light and usually when you see an oiran-styled outfit most of the nicer looking ones look either more dark in color or bold.

(white striped obi scarf thingy is mine~)
It's really pretty, the print has roses, orchids, butterflies, and sakura blossoms.

Last Friday, I also got a few things for the hair and stuff from Kimono House~ the lady there is so cute and small and meek, like a fragile kind of quiet xD It's adorable. I went to her store and got these~


a cheap fan

Also one of those fake collar things... to make it look like more than one layer? yeah xD it's just plain white though, no use in posting it.

This is almost all the stuff I'm gonna put in my hair...
other than the kanzashi, it'll be three flower/corsages,
my MA*RS scrunchie, and chopsticks
(though I wanna sorta decorate them last minute, maybe they're brown and plainish, from Kiteya xD)

I already tried the stuff on twice, I'm pretty excited to do this on Wednesday. They're talking about "morning rain", but I'm hoping that will be early in the morning rather than 10-noonish, when we're supposed to go and take pictures. Otherwise we'll have to postpone again, which might wreck things since -even more- rain is on the way, and the next time she's available is next week.

This is pretty much how I'm gonna dress up, how I'm gonna do the obi scarves and whatnot.
(I actually have a red obi too now that I'm thinking of it... not sure if it'll be overkill or too difficult to kind of pile that into my outfit. It'll probably be too much)


I was pretty amazed when I did this mock-hairdressup, I didn't even tease my hair or really use a lot of pins, but it looks sooo good for the most part. the side with the pearls are lopsided though, since the weight is pushing my hair down. But that should be ok once I do the real thing and tease the hair.

the back, how I'm deciding to put the scrunchie and the corsage.
Again, when I do the real thing, i'm gonna fix the scrunchie so it doesn't look sloppy.

I added that clip behind my bangs to see how it looks...
it would probably look better if I had different colored chopsticks. and more kanzashiiii :/ dunno if I'll have the time to get any though.

Hairstyle was based off of this scan of Sayaka in the July '08 Ageha, btw:

badass ghettoness, using the obi bow in the hair LOL. I wish I had more danglies ; w; oh well..

Then as far as makeup, probably my typical style, a little bit more smoky-eye. Don't want to put much color into it otherwise o 3o

But anyways, those are my plans so far... Hopefully more updates to come later :3


Amani said...

LOVE THE SHOES!!!! oh oh and the hair!!!! good job!!!! I need to try that soon!

Amani said...

FFFFFFFFFFF- your hair. ; 3; So.. amazing. I don't even-

Also, those tights are loovely~~.

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