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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Package from Mai★

Belated haul post :U

This is what I got in my package from Mai last week~

Innocent World Pure Rose JSK ;3

the back. the straps got these cute buttons on the back ; w;

I forgot the name of this print/line... but...

halter jsk.

matching polka dot bolero the back has this cute lace-up detail that I haven't seen before.. I've never actually worn it yet to see how it looks worn from the back buttt it's really cute. The ties in the front are detachable too.

Basically what I'm wearing to Sakura Matsuri LOL. I have no clue what I'm doing accessory wise or anything, I don't got lavender shoes to match but... I'll figure something out.

Music note socks... I was supposed to get these for Halloween last year, but Mai forgot to put them in the package I sent ><;; welp, I got them now. I can try again this year LOL

The -ORIGINAL- Little Bear's Cafe bow. Now I can compare the fabric difference between the original items and the replicas LOL like a loser

Mai always give some candy or some sort of gift with each package she sends, and so I got these random little Disney halloween candy packs.

I got Dale and the Cheshire Cat. Kind of wish I had gotten Marie instead of the latter >w>;;

I also bought a coat from Square One... two actually. It was a 2-for-20 sale, so I got myself one, and I also got one for Angela/Xiao when I finally send her lashes to her (mad late as hell = w=). I was waiting to add a few more things in her package as a love gift. I was also going to get a bunch of Victoria Secret samples for her as well, maybe. I hope she likes everything ♥

Hers is fine, but mine, some of the big buttons are loose so I gotta stitch it back = w= I don't really mind speaking that it was basically 10 bucks. I just wanted to get a cheap jacket I'll be able to wear later on. I'll probably go back and buy more sooner or later.

Second haul post coming up later this month hopefully, granted that I get my mom's birthday present (along with a lil somethin for myself xD), and hopefully my Victoria's Secret two-piece for the summer, and pay Mai to send my gyaru shit (though I have a feeling that I'll splurge and buy more stuff from DreamV and from Sweet Angel. Like a new yukata or something xD). Oh, and Taobao as well. Can't forgot about that.


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