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Friday, April 1, 2011

Random durping

So I've been idling around in my house for the past 2 weeks because I'm trying to get all my stuff together for Easter. It really sucks when no one is trying to hire at the moment.. soon I'll be applying for some again though, maybe within the next two weeks. *sigh*

As sad and boring as it sounds, I've been looking at the sun more and more often lately, watching where it lands when it sets in the evening. This is my retarded way or knowing when summer is almost here-- a month ago or so it would be dark by 5pm, but now it's dark by 7ish... and once it gets to the first day of summer, it'll set at 8pmish and I'll be ready. I'll be ready E___________E

Of course with all this free time, you'd think I would get to finishing my homework or making the post for Sakura Matsuri. WRONG. I am so lazy, omg I have so much homework building up... I've always had a problem concentrating on it, but I'm going to crack down on it this weekend so I won't be setting myself back. In the meantime I re-found my h.Naoto shirt above, derp

Anyways, enough of that, some pics from the past while~

My loli friend Tanya and her girlfriend came over to my house one day to film for her thesis (film documentary on lolita culture), and she came over to my house to interview me and look at my things and whatnot. I only have maybe 3 actual lolita magazines, so I whipped out my Ageha collection to make that huge difference LOL

It's not even all of my issues... found 2 other ones missing somewhere. And then that was before I bought Apr 2011 issue. I measured the stack, it's more than a foot long @___@ can't wait to get all the old issues like I wanted to LOL. I wonder if it'll ever be as tall as me... or even half my height, that'd be pretty badass

These are random pictures of myself, playing around bored and dressing up.

I was playing around with eyeshadow, tried to copy this lolgothic makeup thing. Of course it didn't come together since I only used different purple+black eyeshadows and nothing much else, nothing to the eyebrows or anything. At first I thought I looked like some gawf wench that got lost on the way to a Rennfaire, but then Chris and Nancy said that I looked like a black, genderbent Jareth. And now I cannot unsee LOL

blah, was gonna continue on this post but then I remembered that I was gonna make a review on my taobao package that had came in. yosh


Amani said...


Amani said...

AHAHAHAHA. Oh god. Cannot unsee the AU!Jareth.

xDD Also, you right, yo: DAT ASS. (Wish there was an emoticon for that face I knew of...)

On the upside, HOLY AGEHA, BATMAN! You have so many magss~. @_@

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