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Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's been a crazy October, let me tell you...

the month passed by so fast, right before my eyes! Already Halloween is here, with the winter holidays coming right up... around this time I start feeling so old, when things just seem to pass you by.

So let me see... updates...

At the beginning of the month, I had a small injury that sort of led me to getting let go from my job. Right before the Women's Council, I was supposed to work 4 days that week, but somehow I had ended up hurting myself... I'm not sure how! I can only guess that I hurt myself the Sunday before the con, because a bunch of us ended up getting drunk (me and Susan were completelyyyy wasted), either that or I've been putting so much stress on myself after I had gotten sick last month that I injured myself.

In any case... I ended up going to the hospital that Tuesday because one day my knee was and creaking and popping more than it usually does (I told you I was ancient.)... then the next day it started feeling like there was a bit of pressure... then by Tuesday there was a LOT of pressure in my knee, to the point where I was very irritated, kind of to the point of tears, and I was just obviously limping all around the store. I ended up going to the hospital after getting out of work that night to find out that there was fluid building up in my knee! The doctor told me to pull out of work for 2 days... which of course ended up being 5, because this was right before the con. I was really tight because I didn't make any money for New York Comic Con which was the week after.. I went to my job with my knee wrapped up to drop off the doctor's note before picking up my paycheck and then got prepared for Virginia.

By the time I got back to the city from the con, my boss didn't make the schedule or whatever, or at least I didn't have no day to come in. So I go in that Monday... I was there for maybe 10-20 minutes and then I was right back out the door.

To be honest, I'm pretty glad I got let go... having been my first time working full time, it was just really hard to go all the way to Queens just to work... it was nearly a 2 hour commute one way and after I had my fever in September I was having a lot of difficulty keeping up as far as attendance. Especially if you know how the MTA tends to be.. and it was even more difficult because if I were to be late, it wasn't like I could call in advance because there'd be nooo one there. I dunno. it was hard. Maybe I'm a wuss xD

Anywho besides lateness I also got in trouble for not being able to do things right... which I was confused about because no one had any complaints for me this whole time? They knew I never did clothing retail before but they assumed that I would know everything... in any case, having worked at the fitting room for more than a month, I was doing pretty good keeping it clean, but the day I went to the hospital I left a mess because the assist. manager kept rushing me from finishing so we could leave.. just to complain about it the next day. Really? I'm here limping ready to go to the hospital and somehow there's no consideration for my situation?

And then apparently they also let me go because of the injury itself. Because apparently an ex-worker had a similar issue and it caused problems because it happened often and they couldn't deal. Which I know is wrongful termination but... at that point in time, I really didn't care anymore. I still don't care, and I wasn't mad for them letting me go. It was just annoying because this is the first time my knee ever got messed up like that, and they were sure that it would probably happen again...

Don't get me wrong, that was probably the easiest place to work at? But eh. I said I'd mainly work there for the experience but at the end of the day it was barely worth the minimum wage, I think. Just me struggling and having this language barrier with most of the workers and stuff. So! I'm glad I'm gone xD I just had to talk about it and rant for a bit. Now that I'm free, I'm gonna try and get a new job in a more convenient area, plus try and get up on that event planning & design course I still haven't finished yet!


Comic Con was pretty good. Of course, I couldn't really spend much because I barely had money, but I still managed to enjoy myself. I got two posters for 8 bucks from Kinokuniya booth, and like 3 tshirts and little stickers and other swag from all these games.... I played Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I'm excited for since it's coming out around my birthday! and I also played Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and I did a pretty good job for playing Zelda on the Wii for the first time!

There was a looot of comic-related stuff, and so little Japanese culture/fashion and anime stuff. It was kind of dull for me for that reason. But I still enjoyed the dealer's room. I didn't get a chance to cosplay either, besides as a Ravenclaw student on Friday, because I gained a lot of weight while I worked! (The picture above is a total lie --well, almost... my gut tends to poke out now because I've been reaaally fat lately. Hopefully I'll get smaller now that I'm not working and going to fast food joints.) Plus I had no time to finish up the Fran costume.

Welp~ there's always next year~

I'll post my pictures in a little bit xD Oh and of the Christian convention too, I got a lot of pictures from that as well

As far as plans for Halloween? No clue what I'm doing at all as far as partying or dressing up... but I'll be getting a new wig from MintyMix, ran by one of my favorite gals Kammie~

This brown and tan split wig~

and then these matching 'wire wig' thingies she just started selling. So you can have an additional styling item, like this~

Cute, right? So I'm getting one in brown and one in tan~ I'll probably do a review at some pointtt. Also thinking of buying some accessories from etsy, but it all depends on what I have left..

And then to end this post on a better note, my circle lenses are on their way to my house! :3 I'm extremelyyyy excited, and I really hope they arrive before Halloween! It took maybe 2 months for the whole group order to go through, but I'm glad I'm finally getting them. I'll make a fully-detailed review once they arrive and whatnottt

So until next time, I guess~


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