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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Women's Council Weekend 2011 (Friday)

Despite the fact that I was limping around for half of the weekend, I enjoyed myself quite a bit down in Norfolk, VA. The pier area was gorgeous and certain areas had this beautiful view of the harbor... I wish I was able to wander around more and explore.

It was a verrrrry long 7+ hour bus ride down there. Luckily we were able to get sleep here and there in our cramped seats (seriously, barely adjustable) so it didn't seem as long.

Avian yearning for the ocean water... LOL
I wonder if we were near Virginia Beach?

The other youth people talking about Pig Latin and gibberish and other languages lol

I should've taken more pictures of our hotel room, but my friend Avian and I had this comfy King-size bed, with an extra rolling bed in one corner for our 3rd roomie Dijah. We were across from the Bank of America building but we still had a pretty nice view of the city. Dijah was pretty lucky for her little bed in the corner, it was right next to the window. I wish I woke up to the sun's warmth every morning... D:

The view from Dijah's side of the room

The other view from our room~

The sun was actually setting by the time we got there, so we had maybe two hours or so to wash up and relax before we headed to Friday night service. No pictures there... I hated my outfit LOL (wearing white with offwhite was such a huge peeve for me..)

It was pretty good. The music performances were GREAT, especially this saxophonist that performed, and then the speakers were good too. I really liked the first one, I forget her name but she had talked about women in power needing to stay humble and 'within the Spirit' through prayer and being hospitable than being concerned about their positions and whatnot. It really touched me and when we had a little prayer session I was in tears.

It's really hard to explain the emotions that are let loose during these moments, but it was a huge release for me. I think that it was one of the reasons why I was pretty chill when I got fired... I know that God has only the best in store for me as long as I try not to hold onto anything other than Him.

Afterwards there was another speaker, who spoke pretty well, but after the praying from before, I was too exhausted to really get into it.

Once service was out, I went around to find the pool area and looked around. One heated pool, 3 jacuzzis, one indoor and the other two outdoor... that were cold as hell :| Apparently there were plumbing issues the whole weekend for the lower floor or something... the jacuzzis were so cold.. it was a shame, because they seemed very intimate and relaxing (especially the outdoor ones, which were in their own little 'booths' with a door and all). We were roomed near some Southern guests who were in the pool area with us at some point, and on Sunday one of the guys said that they were just then fixing the jacuzzis.... right as we were checking out = A= what kind of shi--

The younger kids were already in the pool area at the time and were pretty much done, since the pool closed at 11 or so... so we went back up to our rooms, dressed down, and everyone pretty much bummed in our hotel room the whole night as we ordered pizza and whatnot.

Already, drama was brewing because of kids... It's funny when you travel with people to relax and have a good time, just for it to be ruined anyways by petty crap :/ Not even like yknow, serious dramu that's worth talking about. It was very irritating and there was of course tension in our room. I don't do very well with that.

Of course, it was only Friday and I was bound to get more irritated as the weekend went on...


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