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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Women's Council Weekend 2011 (Saturday)

Avian with Crystal

Saturday we got up nice and early to go for breakfast. We ended up going to a diner called D'Egg that was right across the hotel, and as expected, it was PACKED with church sisters. The staff were pretty frazzled lol but they did their best to keep things orderly the whole time.

Despite us being in the metro area, this place was EXTREMELY cheap. I mean, freaking ridiculous. Pancakes for 4 dollars ridiculous. You'd neverrr see prices like that in NYC! I wish they had a location up here! The service was so good, too. I personally had a plate of pancakes with strawberries and pecans on top, with a side of hash browns and some spiced chai tea. All the food was sooo good and the total came out to only $10. Like are you kidding me? This place was a godsend

Apparently we had some sort of issue with our reservation... which was stupid. But we got it fixed quick when we got back to the hotel, and then we headed up to our shepherd mother's room. There, we chatted with Mother Jones for a bit where she told us the history of the COOLJC International Women's Convention, and her time as the president and the differences between then and now... back then, they used prayer as a way to choose their presidents and now it's by regular voting. Mother Jones was chosen through prayer to lead the convention, and throughout the years of her presidency she prayed through everything, and pretty much made the convention much better than it is today.

The views from Mother Jones' room

She told us that her first convention was in California, I think in L.A... and how the holy spirit had led her to stage a parade and how despite the odds it came to fruition... a huge crowd of women, hundreds I think she said, if not nearly a thousand, marching and singing hymns and whatnot. They had balloons in their hands, each with a small paper scripture on the inside, and at the end they let them all go, to bless whoever would end up catching one in the future. Apparently it was such a spectacular and spiritually-charged event...

She talked about how she had set up a Single's Night each year for youth to fellowship and stuff, how she had a lot of panels being run for youth, and for men too, and how active the convention was because of all the things that got set up. This year... none of that. The new president apparently stopped all those activities, and she never put anything to replace them.

When we talked about those things I felt jipped. LOL. I dunno. It seemed like I could've had such a good experience had all the things that were put there by Mother Jones had been kept. And it seemed that part of the convention was concentrated on the president's last year as well... Iono... after hearing Mother Jones talk, trying to imagine how it was back then, my vision of back then pretty much snuffed out any image I had from this year. The new president, who starts on next year's convention, said that she was going to bring back a lot of Mother Jones' stuff, so I'm pretty excited to see that.

When we were done talking (Mema had a panel to go to or something), I got dressed to go to the pool.

The views from the pool area

Maybe I should've done a nicer pose... lololo

YUP, I still wore my bikini LOL. If you read my past entries you already knew I wanted to wear it so bad! I had no one to impress here, barely anyone went to the pool, so I wore my VS bikini with my potbelly. Not a crap was given lololo. Though the other youth were joking on me, saying I looked pregnant. = w= whateverrrr bros

Crystal and Zerry

Dijah joins the group after she's done with the pool lol

To be continued...


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