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Monday, October 24, 2011

More Giveaways~

Just sharing a couple of giveaways I entered lately...

(Really hate Blogger's changes, I liked putting links in the images... = w= or maybe it's just Chrome jacking my stuff up.. blahhh)

Miss Chantal is having yet another giveaway sponsored by Shoppingholics~ the prize this time are 2 pairs of GEO circle lenses (I'm guessing winner's choice? o:), lens cases to go with, 1 cute animal travel lens case, and a set of Hello Kitty stick-on toe nails. Ends November 15th~

Universal Doll is having a little giveaway, which includes 3 pairs of ponponpon-- I mean, Kyary Pyamu Pyamu lashes, a Bihada Ichizoku face mask, and a little Tokyo Girl's Collection phone strap. Ends November 3rd~

This one blogger is doing some closet-cleaning and is giving away a -buttload- of unused circle lenses, BB Cream samplers and makeup brush guards. It's kind of complicated for me to join, since I don't have a Wordpress to do all the instructions, but the prizes are pretty good!
This ends on Halloween~

My girl Lynnette is having yet another giveaway~ this time to win a $25 certificate for Socks4Life. It's a pretty good prize, Socks4life's stuff seems pretty cheap and that prize will easily get you a good 2-4 pairs or more of warm cozy socks and stuff for the winter :3
Ends October 28th

All this giveaway stuff makes me want to host one but.. *sigh* holidays ; w; maybe one day


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