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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

R.I.P. my lazy life

Work has been kicking my ass for the past week...
6 days in a row, from open to close.
My back hurts so much that whenever I breathe I feel it.. it's ridiculous.

It's almost been a month since I started working here, and I just never thought it'd be as hard as it is! Then again I went from lying around straight to working 35+ hours every week. It was bound to become really stressful.

I figured 'if Mei was able to do it, why not?' and surprisingly I've been doing pretty well, actually GETTING UP AND OUT THE HOUSE BY 9AM. I swear if it's anything that motivates me to leave on time it's a) money, and b) food. I'm terrible.

Guess I gotta get used to these aches and pains.. I'm trying to get back to doing yoga as well, so hopefully after a while I'll just build my endurance. I'm also a member on Lifebooker, and there are so many deals right now that I want that it's ridiculous~ including $20 gel mani and an hour's worth of deep tissue massage. SOUNDS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW. They also have a set of 5 salsa classes for $35, and a "Video Vixen workout" for $10. Even though I'm exhausted I want to try and bust my ass in these next few weeks, for both the Women's Council convention + New York Comic Con. I want to also control my weight throughout the winter, even though I tend to always gain pounds within the last half of the year.. I'll definitely see how long it will last LOL

In the meantime, I've also been trying to clear my face up. I'm sure someone's reading this and going "but you have flawless skin!" Well my face broke out when my last period came and I got some spots on my cheek that I'm gonna try to get rid of.

Sometime this month or next month I'm planning to meet with this one photographer guy who apparently does free photography and stuff. I contacted him back in July or so about portrait photos for my hopefully successful event planning/design career. I have so many jeans, and business wear on hold at my job that I still need to try on lolo. But I'm so busy at work that I never have time to properly try stuff out :c maybe on Thursday I'll make my own lunch and use most of that lunch time trying on stuff like I want to.

I really wanna put something nice together and look professional. Of course it'll look sweet, and have pink somewhere LOL, and overall I want a youthful, serene, sweet-girly but professional look. Since I get paid by the week that shouldn't be too hard to do, to get the outfit anyways. I really just need the skirt-up LOL. Some new jewelry would be nice too :3 Now if only my hair would cooperate the day of.. we'll see. I just want to look perfect.

At least the least of my worries is makeup LOL

Speaking of this event planning stuff, found out that my courses don't actually end until March next year c: I'm so happy about it, especially because I've had NO time to look into it, especially with my job. I really need to plan out a schedule on completing all the assignments... Pastor Michael pushed that idea onto me, and I know I need to take it. I really don't wanna finish at the last minute, but at the same time I wanna take my time, be able to actually concentrate on the work and be fully active into it rather than exhausted. Within the next month or two I'll concentrate on the work with the networking-- going out and meeting people and businesses and getting references and whatnot~

A part of me really wants to personally contact Preston Bailey as well * w* I want to meet him so bad, I want him to teach me. (And what a dream it would be if I ended up apprenticing under him~ *sigh*)

But. Yeah. A lot of plans, little energy and limited time.
Let me not even get started on this cosplay.


Amani said...

Yikes: sorry work is killing you, BB. :/ <33  I am proud of you for sticking to your schedule and everything. : D A lot of folks find it harder in the beginning to adhere to a certain wakeup time, but I think it actually gets harder after a while.... but the it DOES get easy. Haha.

Fingers crossed for an amazing interning/apprenticing opportunity as working under Mr.Bailey. : DDD   Now... go soak your feet or nap or something, Miss Busy!

Amani said...

Yeah. Now that's its been a month I'm finally like "*grumble* get to right -right- on the dot" and stuff LOL. Trying to break that habit now before it gets worse and stuff

I dunno if I'll ever actually work as an intern under him... I barely have the time with this job... but it would be nice if one day I happened to get a tour of his office and stuff * w*

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