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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion's Night Out~

I'm a few weeks behind, and with the COOLJC International Women's Council coming up next week, AND New York Comic-Con after that, I know I'll be way behind if I don't make this post now.

Earlier this month I went to Fashion's Night Out again~

Fashion's Night Out, if you didn't know, is a huge PM-fashion event that happens throughout the city involving MANY stores, from high end brands to some independent businesses, with huge sales or promotions, ranging from free champagne and food, to a variety of contests and giveaways, free gifts, and celebrity appearances.

One thing that stood out about this year is that I was with my friends~ as well as with new ones! Some SoCal lolitas came to NYC to work with Yuko Yamaguchi (designer of Hello Kitty) at her showing at the Sephora on 57th and Lexington.

Wore Little Bear's Cafe that day to work~ then after me and Susan met with Yuuki and other chicks and the SoCal lolis~

Me with Julie (blond in red), Hello Kitty, and the other SoCal lolis :3

Miss Yamaguchi was pretty chill and to herself... I didn't take pictures with her though. She was wearing something like ETC or something, it was cute. Like a chocolate bunny print or something

Hello Kitty water bottle I got from the event ~

I went to Victoria's Secret to get myself some Bombshell and a free tote bag. After that we went to Macaron Cafe which was.. a surprisingly terrible experience, because most of the workers were drunk out their minds :/ And then we walked down 5th ave, basically lol watched Nicki Minaj leave Versace and people mistaking Drake for Chris Brown. which was retarded.

Afterwards we parted with the SoCal lolis and went to Izakaya Riki for okonomiyaki and other noms. It was a pretty good night. ♥♥♥


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