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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent purchases~

Today was my day off, so it was my official "laundry day" + "perm hair day"

I had these huge mounds of dirty junk on my bed for nearly 2 weeks now it was pretty bad. It was a mixture of everything I wore to work sans undies, and then stuff I had packed away back when Irene was rolling through. I had this pocket of space at the head of my bed, but that was okay though, since I tend to sleep sideways and in a cramped position anyways LOL

Not to mention how GROSS my hair was. I'm so glad my new growth is all straightened out, my hair is back nice to its former glory~


My recent purchases from this month!

FINALLY got a case for my phone! I can't wait to deco the hell out of it. $4 on ebay xD

Got my NYCC/NYAF weekend pass!

Finally switched the eyeliner colors and got the black glitter pencil :3

NYX eyebrow liner in white, for my cosplay, whenever I do it... might not make it in time for NYCC but we'll see!

New Ageha mags from the past while~

This super pushup bra from Target makes my boobs look twice as big almost xD

Purchases from Forever 21~ I've always wanted a lace top and feather earrings so I'm glad I got these * w* Muffy bought them for me when we shopping

And then from my job...


With the leopard print top and the pushup bra on :DDD
The best part is the prices... again xD

Victoria's Secret tank for 3.99 xD


2.00 xD

75 cents xDDD

And then these jeans~ 6.50 each!


It looks weird in the photo, but the cami is actually a shimmery gold * w* 3.25

7.49~ kind of regret this purchase sorta, though :/ it's cute but the color sort of rubbed off on my other clothes in the wash. That and it pills easily, apparently.



4.49! I really love this watch, it's sort of a faded gold color, I love how it overlaps itself like a bracelet..

snakeprint bracelet~ 2.99

Clearly, I'm enjoying my job a bit -too- much. But my job tends to get a lot of cute stuff every week that makes it so hard... my closet is growing ever so quickly now.I'm going to have to stop eventually, if I want to get traveling xD


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