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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Backtracking #2 - Amy's birthday

Back at the very beginning of September me and Susan met up with our friend Amy. Susan had to leave but I decided to take Amy to Alice's Tea Cup: Chapter II for her birthday.

We had the "Mad Hatter" tea for two, with Indian Chai tea and I think their Hawaiian tea

Top tier: Ham & Cheese scone, and I think a pumpkin scone and a chocolate-pecan scone? I forget. With raspberry jam and clotted cream on the side.

Second tier: Alice's BLT sammich, and black forest ham & gruyere.

Then for dessert~ chocolate mousse for Amy, lemon tart for me. Both were extremely rich and after all the other food we were dying inside trying to finish them!

After stopping by Victoria's Secret and making our way to Times Sq we parted ways, and I decided to look around in the Disney store. It was my first time in there so I wanted to check it out.

Of course I'm gonna head over to the Disney Princess section..

So pretty!

The Rapunzel dress has to be the most ornate thing out of all of them.. >w>

the glitter print on the Tiana costume!

So gorgeous, I want to just steal it and make a lolita dress of my own. I'm actually planning to cosplay as Tiana at some point, dunno when. But I definitely want to make the full-length gown, as well as a lolita design. So cute ; w;


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