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Saturday, July 27, 2013

#unfriendlypoclolitas Picnic

As you might have guessed by now, June has been a very busy month for me...

One weekend I planned a picnic with a couple of my lolita friends as a little 'getaway' day. It was very much needed after recent events that were back to back to back every weekend.

We joked and dubbed that day as #unfriendlyPOClolitas because out of the couple of friends that showed, it was 4 black lolitas and one Asian.yeah... we're stupid like that.
Of course I was dumb and forgot my camera, so most of these photos were stolen from the other girls.

Me fixing myself...

Not sure if there ever was a picture shot buttt we had some assorted sandwiches~ scones~ onigiri~ fruit salad~ Marie cookies~ soda and also a lovely spiked fruit punch that Nicole made LOL

Some photos from the night before~

We spent the lovely afternoon watching people nearly crash into each other on the Lake, a marriage proposal on the water, and a bunch of newlywed couples passing by and taking wedding photos.. as people talked about bad anime and Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter

Lexie and Rune

Nicole with Rune and her lolface


A friend of Aria's boyfriend who came by and chilled for a while

Nicole, Rune, Aria, myself, and Lexie

It was a really chill day.. that I ended with a macaron shake. From Central Park we had made our way down to Columbus Circle, all the way down to 42nd. As we talked about the struggle and people touching Rune's hair xD

Mhmmmmm ♥


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