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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lolita Boating ~ 6/1/2013

For the summer Lolita Day this year my friend Petrina of Lolita and the City planned a lolita boat party aboard the Shearwater, a vintage schooner owned by Manhattan by Sail. For about 2 hours or so we sailed out into New York Harbor, catching some rays and serious breeze. It was about 90F that day, so pulling out into the waters was a great relief for everyone.

As we boarded... I got there right on time. Meanwhile Petrina and people were laughing about if I were to miss the boat...e___e because I tend to be late to everything. (Trust and believe I'll be there right on time for anything I dropped serious dough on = =)

Now for random-ordered photos..

Chris (of Sugar Bomb blog... which she really need to start back up again) 

My girl Nicole in her gothic pirate attire 

The very bottom tip of Manhattan

Me and my gothy wench bride-to-be Christine~

h.Naoto FRILL up yo' life~

Brooklyn from afar~

My outfit... very simple. Just basically my Innocent World dress xD It was way too hot, and because of my tight budget I didn't have any time or money to get a new outfit like I wanted... which I'm glad for, because the weather was ridiculous. Even as far as footwear I brought some brown wedges.. which I replaced with flipflops because I really stopped being in the mood for looking somewhat proper, hah. Even on the deck I went barefoot most of the time because the ship was too rocky for me to have any sort of elevation.

My hair was an absolute mess unfortunately! The front look alright, but the back was terrible xD I tried braiding strands of pearls through my hair and pin it up but it didn't work at all.. and were too heavy so they kept falling down. It ended up looking really jank but whatever.

Lexie in her gothic outfit~ I don't know how she survived on that boat with those shoes...


Time seemed to fly. Before we knew it, we were already docking back by the World Financial Center.

Nicole bringing shade into this bright weather lol

After that, we made our way to our usual spot near the West Village to meet up with some other girls for some drinks and food~

After many food platters and drinks later, I had to hop around the city. Nicole came with me and we just made our way from midtown, back down to the East Village. We stopped in Macaron Parlor for some snacking

It's a very cute place (I actually wanted to work here for some time~)

Macaron selection~ they had some unique flavors like maplexbacon, and even Cheetos flavor. I've yet to have the Cheetos.. it sounds strange but intriguing.

Their other sweets and pastries, which looked just as good (and for good prices).


I eventually went for the bacon & maple one..

It was a heavenly taste. The maple flavor was nice and sweet and on-point, and they certainly did not skimp out on the bacon inside! There was legit bite-size strips of bacon in between. It was a perfect salty & sweet combination.

Nicole ended up having this macaron ice cream sandwich. It was one of their specials, I forgot which, it might've been cinnamon ice cream and stuff inside? All I know is that the little taste I had was amazing.

From then on, we went to Just Sweets, which is a little Asian 'tapas'/sweets restaurant. It was my first time there as well, after hearing about it so many times.

The interior's kind of dingy, but I guess I shouldn't expect too-too much from a place that just started out. The seats are soft and comfy though~

We just got a "New York" sundae (or something like that) and a plate of gyoza.

I was bothered by the disposable cups but maybe soon they'll actually get real cups...

The sundae.

 Fruit pieces and cornflakes on the bottom~

My makeup for the day. I found this to be really cute * w*
reminded me of some sort of anime princess eye style haha



Amani said...

This looks like such a fun way to spend the day!! And the food looks gooooooddddd

Amani said...

You all looked really cute! I'm glad you guys had fun <3 And the food fkajks NOMZ

Amani said...

What a great meetup! Looks like everyone had a really fun time :)

Amani said...

For real though, there needs to be an end of summer hang out or something.

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