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Sunday, July 28, 2013

BFF's graduation~ + Omi's birthday

At the end of May my best friend Muffy graduated from Queens College, and she wanted me to be there for her ceremony.

Told her to pose and then she gave me this. Ok fine e___e

We met on the very first day of High School and since then we've been pretty much inseparable. She's been through a lot in her lifetime, including having a child during the first year or so of college. Despite the odds, she was able to work fulltime, and do school full-time and FINISH with her SECOND bachelor's degree. Even though I told her to chill and take a break from school for a while, she's now looking at graduate schools e_e before she drives herself crazy.

But she's very inspirational.. I need her motivation and her strength.

Her daughter Jasmine ♥ Who's exactly like her in looks (except being milky skinned hah) and in personality. Her little twin.

Since her ceremony was really early in the morning I had ended up staying the night before~ when it was time to get up everyone else came over-- her father, her baby's father, her two other close friends, and all of us including her daughter, her sister and her mom went out to the ceremony.

My makeup. "Au naturale" since the weather was ridiculously hot that day and I had no time e-e

The crowd of family and friends, the graduates in the distance. By this time pretty much everyone left except myself, baby's father and then her friend Kita because it was pretty much heat-stroke weather.

The graduate

After that we all headed back towards the city~ me and Muffy split from the other two who had to work, to go to Gyukaku for celebratory lunch.

Sup, hat hair

She had herself one of the lunch specials, meanwhile I got my usual yakishabu + kalbi chuck, and the both of us got some nice cocktail drinks as well - u-

I also had this "Salmon vegetable bulgogi". Or the name was close to that. It was goooood

The waiter was also nice enough to give her some free ice cream with chocolate~


The day or so after was also my oma's 81st birthday. We don't really do anything for her birthday since my grandparents are generally to themselves and stuff, plus her legs are really bad so she can't really travel outside the home.

Not too long ago I found a photo from when she was young...

My great-grandmother (me and my siblings actually called her "Oma"), my Omi, and then the little angel is my Tante Ursula... (who's the complete opposite in personality but I woooon't get into that, hah)
This was when she was still in Germany around World War II.. I think it was a while after it. Don't ask me where she's from... it was a village near Stuttgart... everytime she says the name my mind explodes and don't know how to even begin to spell it xD Seriously my brain farts and it translates it to something between 'weiner' and 'hamburger'. If only Omi bothered to teach me German as a kid... xD

This is her now... lol excuse her snaggletooth xD

I really appreciate my grandmother, even though at times especially now she's at that age where she can't hear well or she's a bit derpy.. it's kind of annoying at times xD But she was one of the main people in my life who raised me. I always enjoy her stories about her past and coming to America, dealing with having an interracial relationship in both worlds. And of course all her salats, pfaankuchen, and other food = u= yis

I need to cherish time with her more, and learn everything she knows while I still have time with her.. ♥


Amani said...

You look beautiful with natural makeup too :D
And there seems to be so many yummy restaurants in New York O_Q

Amani said...

Your friend sounds like a pretty tough girl. I wish my grandfather would have taught us Russian, like your oma could have taught you German! It'd be a free language.

Some of the photos are a bit hard to look at when they're not straight. Could you consider making them staright in the future?

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