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Friday, July 19, 2013

EOS Max Pure Grey lens review

I've been uploading really slow lately. The pressure is on for Guyana and I'm barely managing to get by... to distract myself from my frustrations I'm making a little break to get into the recent events of the last month or so xD

A little while ago I had posted my review for these lenses up to my Youtube channel. Now for the detailed blog report~

I had gotten these lenses through Kiwiberry1-collection last summer for my Michiko to Hatchin cosplay. If you've been following me since then, you probably remember my rant against whatever lens store I had a problem with before.. xD

Unfortunately these didn't make it on time for my cosplay at Otakon but hopefully they'll last until NYCC, if I decide to attempt Michiko again with my friend.

Anyways, the reason why I chose these lenses was because of the err.. "paradoxical boldness". The design itself is a very subtle kind of grey, and it sort of 'melts' away towards the center. At the same time, it does have the dark ring that gives most circle lenses that 'pop', but even then, the tone of the greys make it look 'well-blended'.

  I found these to be perfect to try and portray Michiko Malandro, who have these really doe-like eyes that sometimes make her look somewhat innocent and naive, and at other times sultry and full of her sassy personality.

An old photo from last December. You can definitely see the similarity, not only in design, but capturing the actual personality of the character, depending on the style of eyemake.

More recent photos.

In case you're wondering about my lash game that day~ 
My usual Angel Diamond lash (inner-center) paired with some other generic lash, but then the bottoms are half of the 'Shiny Eye' Fairy Lash (center) with halves of LOLdisintegrating 'Princess' Diamond lashes. I customed the Princess lash to look a certain way since they were literally falling apart on me.

Shot in a darker setting.

Design-wise, I give a 10/10. They met my expectations 100% according to what I was looking for above~

Enlargement-wise, I also give a 10/10. FYI these are a 14.5mm size, and with the design it doesn't have a super-enlarging effect. For those who would like to wear this with no makeup, these will look really good and won't make you look freakishly soulless.

As far as Comfort though, I'd give an 8/10. In the beginning I had issues with these sitting well in my eye, mainly feelings of dryness and discomfort. Eventually I guess whatever caused that finally got soaked off, but once in a while I get issues of discomfort with these. I'd say rather than the general 8 hours or so, these usually last maybe 5-6 hours before I need to grab some saline.

You see I'm trying to finally catch up on all my posts~ I have another review or two on the way and then I should be posting my next giveaway today or tomorrow so stay tuned!


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