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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kawaii Int'l prize GET!

So Saturday I finally recieved my La Parfait onepiece, the grand prize I recieved for winning the Kawaii International hime coord contest. ♥♥♥♥
 In the back of my mind, I'm still like "how...?"

But anyways, I was super stressed because the package dude didn't even bother ringing the doorbell that Thursday when it came, just left a "Sorry we missed you!" note. I ended up working the whole week up to Saturday so I didn't have any time to pick it up. Eventually our regular mailguy dropped it off Saturday morning before I went to my tea party.


So many feels, guys. ♥

The actual dress. (maybe I should've shooped some sparkles and puri into this pic?)

I'm actually plesantly surprised by La Parfait's quality! I remember when I first got into gal, and I was all about that himegal, I always favored Jesus Diamante over La Parfait. La Parfait always had this really frumpy look about it, and from the images their quality seemed much cheaper than Jesus Diamante or any lolita brand so I never paid much attention to it. Eventually I did develop this secret love for tacky lace and the OTT aspect of himedeco, but even then, I never had a habit of actually watching their site and their trends that much.

Seeing this dress in person made me think again about my original opinion of the brand. The lace isnt bad, the construction is pretty good-- the dress is fully lined, and had a little elastic on the top in the back. It's actually a halter too~ so it has these light straps attached in the front. So despite seeing a lot of their frumpy stuff, I really love the design of this. I guess it's because it reminds me a lot of Jesus Diamante as well?

So you know, me being excited, I tried it on real quick to see how it is... and it's almost perfect. -almost-.

(Excuse the messy hair~)


 I'm assuming that on Ayano and people, this was supposed to flow freely maybe? I have no clue, but it frames my body PERFECTLY. I mean it happily slips over my waist, my hips, with no problem at all! It seems like a really short dress, but it's enough length to cover my butt and bend over a bit. It could've been perfect....

If not for the boob area.

I don't know how this could've possible been bombed, and then I remember that naturally, Japanese girls have really small breasts xD Really small. So the bust on this thing is for someone with some serious mosquito bites.

 You see in the image that it actually dips in the bust area-- no matter how I 'arrange' myself, it just doesn't want to cooperate with my D-cups ; o; It sucks.

But! I did surprise me. If not for the bust area this would've been absolutely perfect, which is a surprise for me, having messed around with different brands for a while. I'd definitely buy La Parfait clothing in the future if I knew the bust was fixed for someone like me.

Slipped into my heart heels for a full-body shot.

 What I might end up doing is having my friend alter it so it will fit my bust better~ because I'm not planning on selling this ever xD It's too cute! But in the meantime I also plan to cover up the derp with cardigans and whatnot. It's so freaking cute, I can't even. Hopefully the weather won't turn too cold~ I plan to wear this out soon! ♥


Amani said...

Can you get any cuter?

Amani said...

Waah~ The dress is so pretty! (ToT)
I recently received my price too, but I've been too lazy to pick it up yet, hehe (^_^;;)

Amani said...

Dress is cute and the best thing is it fits! Looks lovely!

Amani said...

Ambyy lookin all kawaii n shittt 

Amani said...

so cute!

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