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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quail Eggs. I can't.

So a week or so ago I met up with some of the girls to collect payment for the tea party. I'm with one of them and I randomly decide to check out this one place near St. Mark's, because my bby Laura had told me about their legendary okonomiyaki. (In her words, it was cooked on top of a bed of bacon, and had hardboiled eggs nested inside.)

So we go~ the place is Village Yokocho. I never knew it even existed, the entrance being crammed between Panya and Sunrise Mart. So we go in there up the stairs, we get seated and immediately I order the okonomiyaki because menu said it would take 25 minutes to prepare.

So I order some stuff in advance, thinking that hey, it's gonna take a while to make, right? Got myself a mug of Kirin, a bowl of rice, some miso soup with mushrooms and stuff and some battered-fried pumpkin and onion slices w/ ponzu sauce. I actually tried the wasabi that came with it, since I haven't tasted real wasabi in a long while. The paste itself was brown so I don't know if it was a different type (I'm really not up on this stuff), but I took some of it and ate it. It was funny and I was playing around with it~ it wasn't spicy to taste but every bite I took of it felt like a puff of heat rise up to my head. I was just being really silly.

Half-eaten food. The pumpkin had a really nice texture~ if I wasn't eating okonomi I would've tried a bunch of the fried skewer stuff. For another day, I suppose~

Eventually the okonomiyaki came a little while after we were done with all the food and... my God, it was just huge.

Look at that sucker.

I didn't expect it to be this size, and SO THICK. It had to have been the thickest one I've had so far.... now the bottom didn't have bacon, just regular pork strips (imagine if it was bacon though, HORMPFFFHH) but omg the quail eggs. Mother. effin. quail eggs. It was definitely a new taste with the eggs, but my God, it was so good.

It's times like these that I just really want to remind myself to get all the ingredients and learn how to make them myself at home. There's no way I can live the way I do..


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