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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Commercial time~

Some time back in February I went to a commercial shoot for BET's Rip the Runway... in lolita.

Afropunk had joined up with the tumblr blog Blackfashion and recuited fashionistas and dudes to participate in the commercial shoot for the fashion show. I decided to hop in on it just to do it lol. I've always been sort of jaded when it came to BET and the things they show and portray, but it was only the commercial, so I figured there'd be no harm in it. Especially since Afropunk was in on it, so I hoped to see some unique styles.

But it seemed... I was the only one who stood out. Like a sore thumb xD; I expected myself to be the only lolita, yes, but I was hoping for more actual PUNKS to be there but mostly everyone there seemed sort of generic. Bold, but generic.

When I first walked into the club I was confused, because the staff who was doing the photo shoot suddenly saw me and gave me an applause... I wasn't sure if it was meant to be sarcasm or not... x__x But later on they were dragging me here and there during the whole thing. I got an awful lot of attention...

I enjoyed it though. I talked to some people, a lot of them were from Blackfashion but some of them were from Afropunk as well, I was even actually recognized -as- a lolita which surprised me. I was interviewed a bit like everyone else (as you can see in the video above). Unfortunately I didn't actually see the commercial since I barely watch my cable, but a friend or two from High School commented to my page and asked me if it was me in it, so I knew I was in one of the actual commercials. They actually wished my style -was- represented in the actual fashion show, which would've been cool, but... knowing how easy it is to bastardize Japanese fashion... I'd rather not LOL

To be honest.. I'm still a bit scared to see it xD; The Behind-the-Scenes was fine, but the commercial itself, I don't know, and I'm a bit afraid to know, haha. I never saw it posted on Youtube so I might never see it, Lord knows. But overall I did enjoy it.

Anyways, some pictures from that night~

This photo was taken by someone from Afropunk..

My outfit sans shoes-- my feet were huuuurting when I got home.

Makeup shot

and... obligatory bathroom-camwhoring

I do hope that one day BET will be more open to different styles and personalities, though.


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