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Monday, March 26, 2012

Trey Songz~ Anticipation 2our

At the beginning of this month I was finally able to check off one of my resolutions for this year-- and that was to see Trey Songz in concert

As soon as my birthday approached at the end of January, news came out about Anticipation 2our, or the Anticipation 2 Tour, and I was going crazy trying to win tickets off of radio stations and whatnot--

but then my sister (the best big sis in the world, btw) ended up buying tickets for me. A pair of tickets for my birthday ; w;;;

When I got them in the mail I was jumping up and down like a madman, I managed to scare Omi a bit in my sudden excitement lmao

So me and my best friend Muffy ended up going to Madison Square Garden to see him

My phone camera was complete shit, I wish I brought my own camera because the MSG staff barely checked our bags xD I could've gotten away with it.

Big Sean opened the show, got us all hyped up, and then Trey Songz came on and it was just @___@ orgasms. Orgasms everywhere.

When I tell you I was set from then on?

Both me and Muffy had so much STRESS, emotional crap, etc, but the moment Trey got on stage, all of that melted away. I might have been killing myself the week after with schoolwork but I felt so relieved. So much serenity. Insecurities? Gone. Boy trouble? Gone. Boohooing about not having a job or money? Completely stopped.
I feel that it's amazing when an artist's music can do that to you, seriously.

I had gotten a poster from the goods booth but I never put it on my wall yet.. but man. Once I do, I will just remember that night and savor it for the rest of my youth LOL

Speaking of Trey Songz~ My boo, my wife, my fellow galfriend Jesika Lee had a part in his newest music video, "Sex Ain't Better Than Love". I'm soooo proud of my boobie ; w; even though they cut most of her parts out

She's the chick in the leopard print. #TEAMSEX

She had more time in the Behind-the-Scenes though... - w- they should've put her more in there, instead of using all the time on the Kim Kardashian lookalike.


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