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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter~

So Easter just passed, and it was one of the best Easter celebrations in my life so far.

Growing up I was always into the commercial celebrations filled with candies, toys and baby animals. Easter egg/scavenger hunts in my home with my brothers every year was much more fun than the one time we went to an Easter service at a nearby church (which seemed to last forever... plus trying to find Easter eggs with vicious stranger kids was a turn-off). On the Jehovah Witness side there was none of this Easter nonsense.. which was even more of a bore.

Even when I started going to church within the last 2-3 years, it wasn't the same as this year. In 2010 and 2011 I was often distracted by the people's tradition of wearing 'new/stylish outfits', and trying to fit in with the rest of the church youth... Joining this smaller church was probably the best decision I could've made for myself spiritually.

Never did I understand the real meaning of Easter/Holy Week... never did I realize, like seriously -imagine- the magnitude of Christ's love that he would sacrifice himself for me and the rest of the world. Not until this week.

Thursday was foot-washing and holy communion, and that night I felt I was most affected by the Holy Spirit. Everyone I know seem to loathe the thought of handling someone else's feet, often intentionally arriving to the church late after it's done. This time I was actually eager to do it, and I found it to be a very humbling experience. Singing blood songs while washing each other's feet ended up putting me in a very solemn mood, as I thought of the scriptures and imagined Christ doing the exact same thing with his disciples.

As my pastor preached the Word, I became overwhelmed with emotion, feeling convicted over my current stagnant lifestyle. I was in tears, crying out in the spirit... it got really messy to say the least, haha. Snot and tears everywhere. Then communion happened, and once we took the blood and body of Christ and started praising him and thanking him, there I went again, in tears. I wish I was able to remember everything so I can put it in detail... but I know that even though I can't remember it, the message is still nourishing my spirit.

ANYWAYS, I didn't get to see all the presentations the next day of the last cries of Christ, but the presentations I did manage to catch were on point and of course, Resurrection Sunday was a full house and full of praise for the Living God.

I can babble on and on with nonsense because I honestly cannot put my spiritual experiences into words. I really can't. So I'm just gonna end it here. LOL

Obligatory outfit shots from Resurrection Sunday:

Next week is the Women's Retreat FINALLY, after a good month or two of waiting, it's only a matter of days until I'm off with the women to Camp of the Woods. I am beyond excited. I'm winding down my eating habits this week to prepare myself for a week-long fast and I am expecting so much out of this weekend trip. I'm supposed to do a dramatization of the story of the alabaster box (Luke 7:36-50) with another young sister or two, and... I'm not actually looking forward to that. First Lady wants us to do miming and any sort of performance that does not involve purely speaking... I am no good at. I have to try and find my way to go about this e__e lol


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