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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So for the past 10 days I've been trying to think to myself, "What am I going to do with myself this year? Is there anything you'd really change? Any goals (small or big) to accomplish?" My job ended after New Years, which means I'm back on the hunt again. My birthday is in another 19 days, and I'm definitely excited for that.

People might think "once you're 21, that's it". After that any other 'important' sounding birthdays would be the decade/milestone birthdays, 30, 40, etc.

But! I've been excited for my 22nd since before Christmas, and once New Years rang in I've been looking forward to it even more.

But... what about after that? After my birthday, what then? What's in store for me for the rest of 2012?

I don't want to call these resolutions for 2012, because there's a very good chance that I'll become lazy enough to just not do them xD But I want to at least try and push myself for a period.

1) The Event Planning/Design certification that I was supposed to have been doing since last year. I actually have until the beginning of March to get this done! I can't believe I haven't finished not one course yet-- so for the next two months I'll be on my own ass about finishing these. One of them I'm almost done with, the other I'm almost halfway done-- it'd be a shame to not finish them, especially when my mom went out her way to pay for them. Hopefully once I'm done with them I can get an internship.

2) Weight-Loss and toning. If you know me, you know that this is something I never really cared about. For years I've been over 130 pounds, and only this past holiday season did I actually be considered 'overweight'. I never look at weight versus medical exams and unwanted fat, because I know that if I'm not heavy from fat, I'm heavy from muscle.

So basically what I'm planning to do this year is get back into yoga, start going once a week again, and then try to push to twice a week. It's hard when my usual yogi buddies are either working or in school, but I'm gonna make it a habit myself. I'm also going to look into things that'll help me build strength in my bad knee, so that hopefully it'll have little chance of jacking itself up again.

The main area I always complain about is my gut, and that's basically it. Don't care about my legs, or my arms, or nothing like that xD It's just my gut that needs to go. I've also developed a bit of fat under my chin, not too much, but regardless it needs to go lol. I'm going to start experimenting with Colonic procedures, or trying to clean my colon, to see if factors like that is what makes me retain water and fat. Hopefully that, plus the working out will make my gut shrink. I'm also going to get firming lotions and things like that so I can have minimal speck once it goes. So when that bikini season comes around... ;U

Another thing I'm gonna try to do is get myself a new bike, and make an effort to bike ride this spring and summer. I used to love bike riding and in-line skating when I was younger, but eventually I fell out of it. So I want to try and get back into it and try and make it another regular workout regime!

3) Cosplay. I've been procrastinating on this for so long but I swear I'm gonna push myself this year for Otakon and NYCC. I stopped the Fran one because of my job at the time, plus I had started gaining weight but it will be the first one to get done. It's gonna take a lot of work, especially when I'm trying to lose weight, so I have to constantly watch myself and make sure I stay a certain measurement for it.

But the line-up that I'm gonna try and do this year (no specific order or for any specific con) is..
-Fran (FFXII)
-Trisha (Catherine)
-a 'modern', casual take on the Assassin uniform (Assassin's Creed)
-Lana Kane (Archer)
-Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

4) Glamour. I want to do photoshoots this year! As vain as it is, I always wanted to do it, whether for cosplay or lolita, casual, lifestyle, beach, whatever. I just wanted to. So I plan to hopefully do it, with the help of my photography major friends or something. It's gonna happen. Somehow xD

5) Prayer. My faith is becoming more and more of a priority in my life and this is definitely the biggest and most important thing I need to work on in my life. For those who know how strong the power of prayer actually is, can understand me on this. Prayer, though I've prayed and things have happened as confirmation, was never something I could make myself do on a daily basis, let alone a regular basis. So this year I'm going to be pushing myself to be more open spiritually and become more sensitive and have a better connection and relationship to my God. Not only to receive the healing and miracles but to be able to become a better person and bless people who come into my life.

This month there's a consecration period at the church I currently go to, a 31 day one-meal-daily fast, daily prayer, group prayer, and reading the book of Joshua. I'm already like, 10 days behind on the fasting but xD I'll try and hop into it as fast as I can without overwhelming myself.

6) Travel. Even though my job and everything is over, I'm still trying to make the effort to travel by the end of this year. I cannot leave 2012 without going on an expedition on my own. I'm planning to go in November, either to Tokyo, or to Rio de Janeiro. It's always mainly because of friends that I have there, the culture, and shopping of course. Brazil is more for culture and friends, and much more exploring than I'd probably do in Japan. Japan is obviously somewhere I wanted to go to since my weeb days, but now it's more for friends and shopping than actual culture. I want to go to either one of these places or both, but I'm gonna make it work. Even if it means me becoming a hermit for 2 months just to afford the plane ticket! I'll do it xD But hopefully I'll land another job by the spring so I won't have to worry about cutting myself off again. I'm praying that this will happen, and that it'll prove to be the life-changing experience that I want it to be. And if I go to Japan, then chances are that I'm gonna make an effort to make a pit-stop in L.A. to visit friends and gals and people I've been waiting to meet.

In the meantime I also want to travel, closer to home. Hopefully I'll be able to visit and stay with my cousin up in Connecticut, try and travel out to Long Island more (mainly for the harvest seasons and the beaches), maybe to Philly one day, and obviously back to Baltimore for Otakon in the summer. I'll probably try and plan for a DisneyWorld trip for my birthday in 2013, since I haven't gone since I was like 14 :3

6) Concerts. I plan to try and attend at least one concert of every one of my absolute favorite artists this year, or at least meet them in some way. I want to say that "I've done it!" and for certain people, have an emotionally fulfilling experience. The least I want to see this year is Chris Brown, Trey Songz, especially Janelle Monae as always, gospel singers like Donald Lawrence and Israel Houghton (I'd say Hezikiah Walker but I think he's easier, he's from NY plus he used to be an elder at my church), and then I MUSTMUSTMUST as a faithful nerd go see the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses and Final Fantasy Distant Worlds tour.

Materialistically, I want so many things, but I'm trying to make those things secondary once my birthday's passed, so I can work on the things I really want to get together (above).
-redesigning my room
-expanding my wardrobe
-expanding makeup & style
-finding a solid career choice/job spot

It's strange to see 'job' as a minor thing.. but it is in my life. Since I was younger I was always more of the "I'd rather be poor and content" than "I'd rather be rich with a job I hate" and even though I realize the importance of money in my life, being an adult now, it's still a minor thing compared to things I feel that will fulfill my life and give me an experience I can savor for the rest of my days.

And that's pretty much it. From now till the end of the month I'll be saving up for a hopefully wonderful birthday weekend with my close friends, and starting to get back into business.

Wish me luck. ♥♥♥


Amani said...


But yeah, those goals aren't hard to hit, I don't think--- not for you, anyway. :]  I've seen folks jump right into the prayer every day thing before, with no real previous experience/commitment on that level.  You're super dedicated, so it should be no problemo~.

And weight loss/toning etc.?  You may know me and my minor obsession with P90x. But yeah... Do some not-quite-legal downloading and taa-daahhh. Haha.  (They have a Yoga workout for that, too, since you're rather into it~.)

And travel? I agree: you gotta' get out there sometimes.  It's such a good experience, no matter why you're doing it. ('Business' or pleasure.)

Happy (belated) new years!

Amani said...

It's just hard for me because I always have the tendency to think and overthink things, I never go to God about it pray on it before anything else, and that's basically the goal I'm trying to make for this consecration period. It's just a process for me to break my own habits down and put more of God into my own actions.

My friend told me about P90x...I've always been 'meh' about routines at home because I barely got space in my room to even walk xD I used to do like, the bellydancing routines and it was so difficult to do them in such a small space. I'm not sure if I'd be able to do P90x in here at all... but maybe one day I can make a bootleg DVD of it and then try and do it in my living room on a daily basis xD

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