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Thursday, January 19, 2012

First(?) shopping of 2012~

Having got my last paycheck last week, I've been splurging here and there, while trying to save the rest for my birthday next weekend xD

I couldn't resist Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale though!

You know how I love Bombshell, and how I fapped over Bombshell Seduction, welpppp the store in South Street Seaport (I don't know if the other stores were doing the same) were having this ridiculous sale, 75% off on a BUTTLOAD of their fragrance/makeup stuff, mostly their pink kabuki brushes, Beauty Rush lipglosses, etc and Secret Garden stuff~ but there was ALSO lotions and mists of some of their signature lines, e.x. Heavenly, and to my surprise SEDUCTION (kinda sorta, at the same time kinda not. It was a limited run anyways).

It was 5 dollars. 5 dollars for the lotion. I had to control myself before I brought like, 3 of them!

Alllll mine mwahahahahahaha!

Now that my Seduction set is complete, I am a very satisfied girl

I also ended up buying a jackton of Secret Garden stuff, but those were pretty much for my church friends for their birthdays. The mists and stuff were 3 dollars each, my god

Also decided to get these two Beauty Rush lipstuff since they were 1.75 each!
Double Truffle again

"Pink Shake" lipstick... it's actually really moist for a lipstick, as in it doesn't really stick to my lips that well. It feels like it's almost like gloss as a stick or something, it's pretty weird. I like it regardless, because it actually makes a pretty nice nude lip, but I definitely need a primer or something, or a lipstain, or maybe a layer of foundation or concealer underneath before I apply this, because it's pretty quick to transfer itself elsewhere. (Tastes good though)

Also saw this in the bin, don't know if it was just regular price or what, but since I desperately needed a new wallet I got it anyways~ It's soooo cute. I love the color and the leopard print and gah * w* so happy

Goodbye old Swimmer wallet, I knew ye well...

Also, when I got my last paycheck I also had to splurge a bit -more- and buy some more jewelry from my job.

I love the design, but I hate the stuff... I'm glad I'm not working there anymore, so I don't have to lie about things being 'hypo-allergic' when they really weren't, etc. I've tried coating everything so we'll see how that goes..

My favorites, though?

I was always looking at this ring, since forever. My God. I really like the design, maybe one day I can find something similar in real white gold so I don't have to worry about it ever tarnishing and stuff like that.

And then these~ omggggg

I used to stare at these. EVERY DAY I worked. They're beautiful. There was also another pair that was like a dark crystal, so it shone like purple/blue/blackish like, it was so gorge. But also like 29 dollar a pair which is expensive, even after the employee discount. The store was having a Buy 2 get One free so I decided to take the risk to save even more lol

The prism effect is so... no words. I love it. I can't wait to wear them!

Hopefully that'll be it until my birthday xD

edit: I take that back. Succumbed to the VS online sale. a bikini bottom plus seamless and cotton panties galore ; ^;


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