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Thursday, January 6, 2011

On "Homeless Man, Golden Voice"

Today I stumbled on friends posting videos of Ted Williams, a.k.a. the "Homeless Man with a Golden Voice". And the story drove me to tears. I didn't pay too much attention till hours later when I was bored, and after watching the original video (below), and update news videos, I wish I didn't ignore it at all.

The original video was touching, because looking at him and comparing him to the typical homeless person in New York City, he seemed very sincere, definitely not an act (besides his great voice), but then once I found the interview with CBS and his words just drove me to tears.

How many people could truly say they had a testimony any more amazing than his? Ex- alcoholic & drug-addict, homeless and panhandling for ??? years, and then someone finds your story and in not even a week, like, a day or two later, your life is completely changed around, you're groomed, dressed up, given a place to stay and now you have your DREAM job. Like seriously, how in 2 days does he get a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers which includes your a new home???

God has put a whopping of an increase into this man's life and to hear him praise God and tell his story, it touched me so deep that words can't even explain. And for those who are in those videos talking about how he "doesn't deserve it", this that and the third, are seriously hating hardcore. But even then, a lot of blessings and things we get in life we never truly feel we deserve. That, or we never appreciate it until it's gone. And he's been on both ends of the stick.

I'm so praying for this man, and for his mother because I don't even know how she must feel hearing her son's story and finally seeing him for the first time in years.


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