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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21st birthday~

So the big 21 is coming up for me and my friend Laura :3 Mine is on Jan. 29th and hers is on Jan. 25th~
We decided to celebrate our birthday together with cake, booze, tea, and probably Korean BBQ xD

We had so many ideas on what to do (going to the spa, doing a photoshoot, going to x place, going to y place, making macarons, etc) but of course as we get closer and closer to the date we realized we can't celebrate exactly how we wanted to. So for now, on the 29th we're gonna dress in loli and head over to Flushing for some Rose House and purikura, and then if we feel like it, we're gonna go someplace for booze xD It's easier to do it on my birthday so we'll both be legal by then. To top it off, with my membership at Queen's Crossing, I'll be able to get two rose cakes for free = w= booze and cake all aroundddd

We were also going to twin, too. We both bought Little Bear Cafe replica from taobao, her in pink and mine in brown. So she was gonna dress up pinkxwhite, and I was gonna dress brownxpink (though I'm having issues between mint and pink...). But of course, DoL is taking too damn long to send out the dresses so we probably won't even have them on time. :< But we'll have a backup outfit in case that happens.

But my outfit plan so far...

I'm still not completely sure since 1) shit's probably not coming in on time, and 2) switching up the outfit = more money obv

Butttt there's the JSK, the original AP bow in brown? (the girl listed brown but had the kinari pic up... so I don't know if she was just too lazy to get the proper color off the site or if she didn't know the difference LOL. Either way the brown or the kinari version is good), and then An*tai*na boots in brown.

And then I was thinking of a high-neck blouse in pink... the one shown is my own, but I'd love to get one that's sheer if possible. I've been meaning to get one for a while now, for my Halloween outfit from 2010. Like this here . If I did that, then I'd wear my pink sparkle tights to go with. and then whatever little accessories to go with

If I went with mint... LOL I have no clue xD I'd go with that cardigan probably, but trying to put in more mint in the outfit would take a bit more thought. If I could find mint sparkle tights then cool, but I'm not sure if I'll be that lucky xD Maybe I could get a matching bag with accessories hanging off of that? I don't know. xD Gotta figure it out.

If it doesn't come on time, then that'll give me more time to put a better outfit together xD I want to get a new wig/hairpieces and everything xD And we'll just twin with the outfits for our hopefully upcoming birthday photoshoot :3 which might be a good month or two after the date but... that's ok xD And hopefully I'll have whatever other haul from taobao too, as well as my crap in Japan >:3

But yeah, if anyone in the area's interested in hanging out with us and going to Rose House and purikura and stuff, drop a line <3 I got a little event thingy on Facebook set up too.


Christie Klein said...

wut you are only 20 damn i feel old ;_;

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Ohgodwhat?... you're.. older than me? But I thought you were younger. (You look so young!) Whatevs-- it's only a few months' difference. Anyway, happy almost birthday! I'm sure however the shipping works out that your outfit'll end up looking great. 8)

I spent my birthday at home, as usual. I finally got an ice cream cake after asking for one for 10 years and it was amazing. Haha

P.S. Wut? An actual person sewed that scarf you wore? o.o <3 Dude... I might eventually end up asking you to bother your friend about maybe making me one.

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