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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year~

So, 2010 is finally done, and 2011 is officially here. As much as people like to reflect on the past, this year I actually didn't do too much of it. Like some preachers at my church prophesied, 2010 was a year of great change and increase for me.

A lot of things were displaced and replaced, whether or not by my own will. Quite a couple of people have exited from my life, as more positive people settled in, as well as old folks. After a long struggle against myself emotionally, I finally finished my high school education, my interests and hobbies shifted, as well as certain parts of my attitude and personality. More or less, it was all for the better. A few months before there was a lot of stress and struggle with people and uncontrollable circumstances but once I let go and let God handle it, everything flowed. After lolita day, the rest of my year was almost pretty much a beach-- I didn't have much to worry about, though spiritually and emotionally I was struggling with myself (again), New Year's Eve pretty much somewhat helped resolve that feeling of unrest.

I ended up working on NYE, which I'm more than thankful for, and once I was done at 8pm, I made my way to church. Last year I hung out in Williamsburg with some friends and went to a bar or two, but this year I pretty much had all that out of my system and I was excited for Watch Night at Beulah. The Word that was preached was so on point with what I was feeling that at the end of the night when I went for prayer, I was in tears. It was the release I needed and I'm glad I went.

Now that I've gotten my rest, I took a mental note of all the things that I'm going to try and accomplish this year. It's really not too much of a "New Year Resolution", as it is a "get it done ASAP". It just so happens that I didn't get it done earlier xD;

But my top three goals at the moment? Are:
1. Receiving the Holy Spirit (something in me wants to get it before my birthday)
2. Getting a more permanent job (Dammit VS, hire me as a regular!)
3. Getting the balls to approach Opi about going to school for wedding & event planning and event design. (And then actually going through with it and finishing the course + getting the certificate)

There are a lot of things I want to do or get, but I know once I get these three things done (hopefully by March), everything else will definitely fall into place. I'm excited for this year and I feel motivated to do so much more with myself, now that I feel like I got enough space from school and whatnot. I'm gonna take baby steps (the schooling I want to do are only really 2-3 month certificate courses, opposed to a 2-4 year degree program), and then I'm going to continue to expand.

My only fear is that as far as school goes, it may not be what I want to do. I used to be into fashion design and etc. until I realized that fashion design and things like that were only really a hobby-sort of thing for me, and I didn't want to seriously pursue it, especially when it comes to pleasing other people rather than myself. (18-year old me: "Pfft I have to keep an open mind about what -other- people want, rather than me making my own style of clothing that I'd wear? pfftttt") I'm afraid that its the same with my interest in event design & planning, but at this point I'm not gonna hold myself back anymore. This video pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment:

In any case, I'm ready to really assert myself.

I hope everyone had a good new year, and good luck in the coming months!


Christie Klein said...

omg how did I live my life without hotdamnirock guy in it?

also, when he brought the puppy up I nearly died.

I have to admit though that my current goals are pretty much the opposite of him. my plan is to be all up on my shit, or so the kids are saying. gonna get my graduate application done and turned in. gonna lose that 20 lbs. gonna do all those things I've been holding my breath on and stop procrastinating. and i welcome anyone who wants to "get up on my dick", so to speak, in a purely metaphorical sense, and remind me to stop being lazy.

Christie Klein said...

also did you notice he's renovating his bathroom? lol

Amani said...

xD Yeah, he's forever in his bathroom. Forever.

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