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Monday, September 3, 2012

Afropunk Festival 2012

A week ago I attended the Afropunk Festival for the first time with my friend Black Witch.

I... did not expect it to be as huge as it was. This weekend event was huge, like, supposedly 20k-people-each-day kind of huge. When I hear 20k, I think of anime conventions and stuff. The walking-traffic was ridiculous, half the time the entrance was nothing but a serious case of bottlenecking-- and when it was organized, it was a line going around the corner and DOWN the side of the park by the BQE. Crazy.

Coco && Breezy

Overall, I don't know what much to say about AP Fest.. music-wise I felt it was good, but the whole vendor area was so disconnected from everything else.. when I mean vendors I mean the small independent businesses selling t-shirts and clothing and jewelry and stuff. Tumblr-famous people like Coco && Breezy and Black Fashion by Javii were stationed near the stages. I honestly didn't really get the use of having vendors when they seemed so separated from the rest of the festival. I feel like it could've been done better.

Crowd-wise, there was barely anyone who caught my eye. Very little good examples of good western punks. It just seemed like a mass of black and white hipsters from Tumblr, afrocentric hipsters, and the like. People were staring me down like no tomorrow... which honestly I'm not surprised from wearing lolita, since obviously a lot of these cats would never really recognize it for the Japanese punk/counter-culture style it is, but even with my wig, I just felt so inadequate. It was pretty disappointing because it wasn't like I felt uncomfortable because of too many people looking awesome around me, it was because most of these people looked lame or generic but felt that they somehow had the nerve to think they were somehow superior.

This basically shows how everyone looked. Just multiply by 2 or 3 times when it came near time for Erykah or Janelle to get on stage in the evening. Yeah.

It's whatever. I just wish the crowd was more colorful in terms of style. Made me kind of happy I dressed kind of sloppy in lolita than to the nines.

I felt the music made it worthwhile though, and hanging out with Olivia and seeing old people from High School and whatnot! Totally crazy. Especially with random people like Pharrell and Solange Knowles and people popping up at the festival.

Anyways, onto the picture spam~ Friday outfit:

Met Ryan Hall who host Stereotypes on I Am Other. One of the only regrets of dressing sloppier/wearing my glasses. blarghhh brb blindingmyeyeswithcirclelensforever

Got snapped by Rolling Stone. You can click to find the page here. I really need to stop giving people my government name... and start using my online alias. = A=

My outfit for Saturday--

It was pretty much the first time I've ever really, seriously tried to do a gothic style and was satisfied with it. I borrowed Nancy's dress since it was light and perfect for the summer weather. I loveddd this outfit. It makes me want to get more darker stuff xD

Pharrell backstage, after popping up out of nowhere to introduce Janelle Monae xD

Janelle Monae during her performance. She was like, within arm's length of me in this picture
x 3x I was the happiest chick ever. You don't even know

Near the end when she was all wired. Hair loose, clothes disheveled... she was just going in.

At the end of the weekend I was very glad I went, though I'm honestly not sure if I'd do it again next year. Depends on their lineup and stuff, and I'm most definitely never going by myself.


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