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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Giveaway Haul from Korilakkumaprincess♥ + new youtube channel!

Guess who finally got her stuffs from Korilakkumaprincess's tumblr giveaway ♥
*this guy*

She threw in a bunch of cute little goodies with the circle lenses I won.. cute phone charms, little smiley coinpurse, a set of stickynotes with kitties on em~ which I really needed xD; definitely using those for my bible ♥

; w; I'm not at all familiar with all the Japanese cute characters but dat creamxpink phone charm I love especially

Circle lensesssss (GEO CK-105 black and GEO Angel green)

The phone charms remind me... that I have to get along to decoing my new phone case e_e I've been meaning to do it for the longest ugh... my phone's been acting kind of wonky lately too, so I think I might have to replace it before it completely craps out on me..

Thank you, korilakkumaprincess! ; o;



I decided to make a completely new Youtube channel.
You may ask, 'what's the use of making a whole new one?'

WELL! The main reason why I wanted to change is really because I wanted to try to do a Youtube partnership and stuff in the future.. sadly a lot of my old videos have copywritten music and I no longer have the raw clips to redo all the reviews and then put uncopywritten/royalty-free music to it. I also want to try and lose my iconic 'Amanikitty' username. I've had that username since I was 14 years old, so it's been like 8 years and I want to drop the 'kitty' from my name = w= I'll only maybe keep my Livejournal account with it's original name for identity purposes

Those, and then I wanted to try and make a cleaner image for myself. e.x.: Actually trying to film in a mostly clean room, actually looking presentable/decent in my videos, less vulgarity/cussing, less derping, etc. Just generally being more active and taking my videos and my image more seriously, even though I still consider myself a personal blogger more than anything. I'm also reorganizing my playlist albums so people can use them as reference and stuff.

I hope to do makeup tutorials since a lot of my bbys on Tumblr and Facebook are always all "y skin/make so flawless ambur ; w;" ; Also~ the wig reviews that I've always said I'd do! I'm also looking into modifying my wigs (because Kammie were hoping for someone to do it) and things and learning to layer them and things like that! Maybe later on I'll do OOTDs and things like that. Whatever I feel like.

Anyways, rambling cut short.
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