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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dances of Vice :3

Last Friday was the Dances of Vice: Secret Life of Toys winter ball. Dances of Vice is a pretty awesome nighttime event that happens around once or twice a month depending, serving as a sort of wayback machine for those who love and enjoy times of the past, mainly the 1920s-40s, Victorian era and Rococo era. There is usually a theme so it never gets old, always having performances whether it's tap-dancing, burlesque-- depending on the theme you'll be able to hear good tunes whether its from a harpsichord, or some really old school jazz and blues, or an opera singing duo. Small dance lessons, too!

There are also fashion shows going on, like at this specific ball all the attention was towards my friend Kelsey and her indie brand I Do Declare. Blapshemina's Closet, Apatico, and other indie brands and designers have had showcases in the past.

Some pics from the event~

Had to show off Mary Alice's epic bonnet xD

Kelsey, along with some of her designs below

Bianca and Yanise (below)-- they were so cute, but creepy, and it was hard for me to choose whether or not that was a good thing xD

This dude creeped out the girls... xD

Photos from Mary Alice and Bryan Kwon, more photos can be found on the Dances of Vice flickr and er.. throughout Facebook and whatnot xD

Webcam pics

I really need to learn how to keep a relaxed face when it comes to other people taking photos...


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