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Monday, December 20, 2010


I made macarons tonight!!! Finally!!!
(It's like 2am right now, don't ask-- midnight is my most active time of the day xD)I filled this one with raspberry jam nd gave it to Opi x3

I've been trying to make these suckers for a good MONTH now, and tonight I finally got it right! And they all pretty much came out perfectly!!!

No one understands how happy I am right now xDDDD I started crying tears of joy when I saw them develop feet and whatnot! Hnnghhhhh!!

As they were drying!

The finished products! 37 shells! There was one extra shell and two that were cracked, but the rest of them were perfect in every way!

I'm going to be making more tomorrow-- after this success I can't stop! I'm so motivated! Tomorrow I'm going to attempt dyed ones~ one batch will be green , and one will be red velvet. I'm debating on making more, like regular chocolate ones, but I gotta think on it! I also need to make the fillings~ which so far I'm planning to be 1)mint-chocolate ganache for the green shells, and then 2) cinnamon buttercream for the others. I was actually thinking of a third, maybe regular chocolate ganache, but that all depends on how much ingredients I have to spare!

2010 has officially ended on a good note for me xDDD Yayayayayay


Christie Klein said...

meringues>macaroons. just putting that out there.

Anonymous said...

They look so guuudd *0*

Amani said...


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