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Saturday, April 28, 2012

(Pre-) Sakura Matsuri

2 weeks ago I went with a bunch of lolitas to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see the cherry blossoms. I was determined to go -before- Sakura Matsuri (which is today), because I really wanted to avoid the crowds and the cosplayers.

Sakura Matsuri used to be enjoyable but now there's always pressure or someone interrupting your moment trying to get you into their little 'lolita' activities... which is usually nothing more than a zoo attraction. Very disappointing. Not to mention that now all the cherry trees are done for the season, so the blooms are pretty much gone and the few that remain are being plucked off by inconsiderate people...

But when we went, everything was perfect! The trees in BBG's Cherry Esplanade were in bloom, the weather was perfect and sunny (and in the 70's!). We got there in the morning since regular Saturday mornings they let people in for free before noon. The crowd wasn't that bad, we got to walk around and take pictures without too much interruption~

DreamV outfit from that day~


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