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Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Omi's in the hospital again...

I feel really bad for feeling this way, but I'm a bit aggravated at her.

She's in the hospital for pneumonia.

Reason why I'm a bit mad at her is because she can be so stubborn.
Basically she had pneumonia for almost two weeks, or at least have been sick for more than 2 weeks, and despite the suggestion to go to the hospital, she refused.

Because her health insurance wouldn't cover the visit.

I understand money always is and will be an issue, but Opi has money. He paid for her hospital bills before when the insurance people were acting like dicks, of course he'd do it again. Why would you not let him pay for the bill??? Why do you put a measly hospital bill over your own health? She complained about the phlegm, she said it feels like she couldn't breathe. Like for all we could've known, she could've dropped dead over the weekend, during last week.

Next time she's sick for more than a week? I'm making sure Opi takes her to the hospital, I don't care. I don't understand how you can make your health NOT the top priority.

Pray for her for me, though I know God already has her covered...


Amani said...

Mm- I get frustrated/upset with family n' friends who're stubborn about seeking medical attention when it's clear to everyone else that they need it. Ugh. -_-''

I'm glad she's feeling better, though, according to your Tweet-feed over there

Amani said...

Yeah, I actually just came home from the hospital not too long ago, she's feeling a bit better :3 She doesn't know when they're releasing her though, she's definitely staying the whole weekend there while they continue to give her antibiotics and pump the rest of the fluids out of her lungs. Apparently my grandfather's x-rays was showing pneumonia too, but his wasn't serious so they just gave him antibiotics.

I have no clue what viral infection was going through my house, because first my cousin got it from his friend, then omi got it, then opi. I'm the one who didn't get sick, thank god LOL and I plan to keep it that way >>;

I just hope that this is the last time this happens and everyone will be more quick to act accordingly

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