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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

21st birthday~ photo post

Sooooo I'm finally 21. FINALLY. Everyone kept on asking me how I feel, but I don't feel any different lololo. Though I'm sure sooner or later I'll throw my back out, get Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc...

Anyways. I stayed over my bby Laura's dorm for the night, right after some last minute shopping at Zara.. got a dress I ended up not liking too much xD

I originally wanted this dress...

But for whatever reason, I checked more than HALF of the stores in the city and they did not have this dress at all :| The only stores I didn't check was the one on 66th on the west side, 34th street and the SoHo store... and I swear to God, if I ever go to any one of those stores and the dress is there, I am going to flip a shit E____E Because I gave up and took the tag off the dress I -did- end up getting, so now I obv can't return it. (though if I ever found this dress anyways I'd buy it = w=)

So I ended up getting this dress..

Laura grabbing my ass = w= I love you too, bby.

The dress itself is -nice-, -okay-, not so much for church (which is why I was buying the dress). The top was way too drape-y, I have a thing against kimono-styled stops and besides the fact that my ass totally filled the crap out of this dress, the top area was too big. Oh, and it was a bit short. So it was a problem for me, I felt kind of insecure when I wore it out. (This is why I'll stick with loli when it comes to church. No matter how much of an eyesore I end up looking = A=)

Laura camwhoring with her dyed bangs. She was also taking snaps of my ass = w= which will not be posted.

Unfortunately my day started off with me waking from a dream about my father.. :| I stopped talking to him like 5 years ago and the dream was just a painful reminder of the crap I'd probably be going through now if I still talked to him. I admit I do miss him but imo his bullcrap would've been more damaging.

Laura's little dorm living room. Sat in there until the sun rose.

Mmmmm them knaps = w= morning hair + new growth blah

I went to IHOP for breakfast while Laura went to her morning class~
French vanille coffee
Their Cinn-A-Stack pancakes. God this thing was a not-sure-if-want. It was sooo sweet and my brain started crashing halfway through eating this. I'm pretty sure I'm halfway down the road to Diabeetus thanks to this pancake. It was good as fawk though

After searching more Zaras for the dress I wanted (with no success), visiting a sister from church, getting macarons from MacaronCafe (the guy gave me 3 free ones with a box of 6 for my bday ; w;), getting my free gifts + samples from Sephora and getting lost in a hunt for Nakano hair wax, I made it back to Laura's place super late to get ready to go to Rose House and meet up with the other lolis.

For whatever reason this chick decided to relax during the 2 hrs waiting for me instead of getting ready.. and we were hella late LOL

Totally regretted forgetting my circle lenses at home. LAURA'S EYESSSS FFFFF

When we got there we were greeted by the International Club of Mustaches.

Susan thought she was super special with her Confucius 'stache.

Alex exercising her usual creeping tendencies

I don't know why we didn't take a full body shot together, but since we didn't get our Little Bear Cafe print, we just ended up twinning polkadots. Her lavender x pink and me blue x white.

Afterwards the waitress moved us because our group got so huge. = w= Huge migration to the private room, with our food and tea and stuff. blah

After Rose House I went home... while everyone else went drinking LOL. I had church in the morning, cakes to bake and etc.


How my hair ended up after fixing it for chuuuuch the next day. (read: before the grubby hands of little children and peers killed it = w= ) This is probably the closest I've ever gotten to sujimori. I need a bigger barrel and more time to learn to control the direction of my curls. But it came out pretty nice with the outfit and stuff. ((You should also guess how much of a pain it was to comb it back straight afterwards.))

Better view of how I tried to cover up = A= And also a friendly reminder to self to clean my mirror.

I didn't do my eye makeup heavier because I was going to church, of course.

Diamond, the main hair rapist. Who also stole my camera to camwhore.

But it's ok, I love her :3

That day ended on a... odd note though, depressing. I've been sleeping all day for the past 2-3 days, and now I'm just ready to get over everything. Hopefully the ice in the city will be cleared tomorrow or Friday, then I'm going to force myself to get up and apply to more jobs. Now that I'm 21 I can finally get into whatever clubs I want, and already I'm missing 2 events I'm too broke to go to = w= that's obviously not gonna fly.


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